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Foam Gun Group Purchase / Sale

This is a discussion on Foam Gun Group Purchase / Sale within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; This gb was requested for a 3rd time on another forum, and since the minimum has already been met, I ...

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    Foam Gun Group Purchase / Sale

    This gb was requested for a 3rd time on another forum, and since the minimum has already been met, I wont require one here and just call it a sale . Heres the info... any questions, please let me know

    The proportioners are changed via 15 different sized tips, each with a different diameter opening to allow the soap/chemical to pass through. This allows you to adjust how much or how little solution is used. I used a slightly larger tip during initial testing, but have bumped it back down for everyday use to save some product. Foam guns save time when washing, and allow your solution to start working on breaking up surface dirt and pulling it away before you start to wash w/ your mitt. And if for nothing else, they are a blast to use, lol. Makes washing fun
    Heres whats included and how it works;

    Foaming barrel, pistol handle and 48oz container. Simply screw on your pistol handle to any standard garden hose. Pour in your wash solution into the 48oz container. Choose your tip size, and put into base of eductor/barrel, then slide pull hose over it. Screw on the top/barrel. Youre now all set up. Wet down your car, then attach the barrel/container to your pistol handle via quick disconnect. Begin foaming Simple as that
    Heres some shots of the new foam gun in use.

    Retail pricing is set at 58.95

    Your forum discount would put it at 50.10

    Please remember your regular forum discount to get the prices to the ones listed below. Since this is only temporary, you wont see any descriptions or pics on the site for these deals. Just figure out which of the below options you'd like, than find the corresponding option in the specials section. Its pretty easy to figure out, but pm/email me if you have problems. You can still place any other items from the store in your cart and your regular discount will still apply to those as well!

    I'll run this group buy for the next 8 days!, which ends it on Sunday evening, the 16th. That should give everyone ample time to jump in

    Option A: Foam Gun. 44.85

    Option B: Foam Gun. Gallon of Super Slick n Suds: 77.56

    Option C: Foam Gun, 32oz Super Slick n Suds, Sheepskin Wash Mitt, 24x36 WW Drying Towel. 79.05

    Option D: Foam Gun, 32oz Optimum Car Wash, Sheepskin wash Mitt, Foam Core WW Drying, 24x36 ww Drying, Optimum Quick Detailer: 99.88

    Option E: Foam Gun, 5 Gallon Wash Bucket, Grit Guard, 1 Gallon Super Slick n Suds, 16oz Bug Squash Bug and Tar Remover, 32oz APC (all purpose cleaner), 32oz Bold n Bright Tire Dressing, 32oz Spray n Gloss Quick Detailer, Foam Core Waffle Weave Drying Towel, 2 Elite Microfiber Towels, 2 Microfiber Applicator Pads. 141.10

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    Extended it til Monday

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