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Detailing Engine Bay...

This is a discussion on Detailing Engine Bay... within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; Hey guys, I have a white TA and want to start detailing the Engine Bay...I've looked at other member's pics ...

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    Detailing Engine Bay...

    Hey guys, I have a white TA and want to start detailing the Engine Bay...I've looked at other member's pics and want to know where I can get some Fuel Rail Covers. Also, I've noticed that some members have colored coils, where can I get those and do they come in different colors? I'm trying to go with a white and blue look so If anyone has gone this route pics would be appreciated...thanks!

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    You can grab a set of fuel rail covers off of ebay all day long. Usually around$80 dollars for a set, sometimes cheaper.. Then you can either sand and smooth them, then paint them or have someone else do it you trust. I am guessin the coil packs were just painted but I dont know about that one
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    If the packs are red, then they're the MSD coils and they run about $500 a set depending where you get them. THey only come in red to the best of my knowledge. As far as painting your coils, I dunno about that. But they do make coild pack covers and sell them on Ebay. I've never seen them installed, but if you're looking into FRC's, don't even bother because they'll be covered. You can custom your FRC's, all you have to do is cut to fit first, sand, smooth, and fill the corvette logo, then order a trans am side emblem and stick it on where it used to say corvette. I've done a few for friends before, very time consuming but they come out looking good.

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    You can have them custom made anyway and color you want at afterthoughts be prepared to pay for them though. Mine were over $200 with shipping but they really look good. I also recommend covering the bottom of the covers with heat shielding tape to protect the paint and finish. Afterthoughts auto also sells tape too. Just my 2cents. good luck.

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    I got mine on eBay for $200 shipped. They asked for the paint code and painted them to match the car.

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