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Coffee Stains?

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    Coffee Stains?

    How can i get these out?

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    Try some Oxy clean, or a stuff called Folex available at Home Depot
    I recommend thses because they've worked well for me. Not sure about coffee stains
    so far the toughest stain I've ever had to deal with is Gatorade. I'm yet to find something to remove that kind of stain. I've tried all products I can think of including applications ogf a steam-cleaner. No luck. i figure if I come up with a product to remove gatorade, I'll be very rich I have a customer that has gatorade stains on all of his cars. Luckily, they've all been spilled on the carpeted floor mats

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    Look up prochem. They make a coffee/tanin spotter. You should be able to find a local dealer for them too Spray it on, agitate, Then just make a homemade extractor. Take some warm/hot water and use a shop vac to remove.

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    OXY clean works well on stains and is fairly cheap.

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    I just use Castrol Superclean to get out stains. It works on just about everything, although for tougher stains it takes some time to really get them out.

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