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Blemish on console

This is a discussion on Blemish on console within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; I use the little tree car fresheners and hang them from my resented mirror. Well one day it fell off ...

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    Blemish on console

    I use the little tree car fresheners and hang them from my resented mirror. Well one day it fell off while I was in the store and the sun baked a piece about the size of a dime, maybe a little smaller onto the console. It dried and is hard. It almost like a dried glue or resin. Wiping it off doesn't work, and I think if I try to tear it off it will pull the consoles finish with it. Any ideas, or should I just suck it up and forget it?

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    If its just the adhesive from the rear view I would try heating it up again with a heat gun or blow dryer and then try taking it off. Just be careful you don't heat up the dash to much.

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    Try goo gone.

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    Try 91% rubbing (isopropyl) alcahol..

    It wont destroy anything it gets on (within reason! don't dump it on the area) and can be picked up @ China Mart or a grocery store, Wallgreens, etc..

    Put a liberal amount (use good ventilation and NO SMOKING) on a shop cloth and hold it on the spot for a minute of so..

    Then wipe in a circular motion occasionally changing to a clean spot on the cloth adding more alcohol to the cloth as needed..

    If it works, repeat till the spot is gone..

    Then wipe down the area with what ever you're using to treat the interior panels with..

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