I have a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC that I would like to upgrade the system on. The basic goals are Double DIN headunit with bluetooth audio streaming for music and NAV from my cell phone. GPS, DVD etc.... not needed as I prefer the phone; though if there were a trick HU that allows HDMI connection from a cell i'd be tempted to forgo the standard UI and just mirror my phones display on the HU but that's getting off topic already.

I want at least 2 way component setup but it's looking like, at least up front, I may be stuck going three way.

I'm not big on bi or tri amplification because I don't like eating up a whole trunk and adding 100lbs of wiring to my car so passive x-overs it is....

The factory system has EXCELLENT imaging and stereo separation and above all i really want to preserve the sound stage while increasing quality.

I'm afraid of going with a three way system because i know the ideal loudspeaker is one that can produce all frequencies equally well and adding more is just going to damage the focus of the sound. which brings me to the dilema

Ford did a pretty outstanding job on the X-overs in this car. the mid-bass drivers only handle sounds up to around 500hz according to my measurements. This explains why it has so much presence and a nice high sound stage.... 500hz and down is pretty non directional and with only low frequencies to worry about the mid bass sounds great... almost as good as a small woofer. everything above that is almost in line with the listeners ears and pointing directly at you. It's all handled by a paper cone 3.? inch driver so no low hz to distort the small driver it gets to scream loud and clear and only a little missing from the tippy top of the range. Nice clever solution....

How the hell am i going to replicate this with aftermarket gear without going into three way systems?????

I posted something like this on a lincoln board but these cars are so old the board doesn't have the life it once did.