Where are all the grounds on the 4th gen F-body

Hello all I have a strange charging problem w/ my 99 WS6.

when I intially start the engine when engine is cool the charging sys. charges well
over the 13Volt 12O'clock position on the volt guage, when engine starts to get
warm the alt. will charge less ussalley just below the 13V area.

when I turn the air conditioner on at idel and at cruising speed the Volt meter drops
way down allmost in the orange section the wierd part is if I turn the headlights on
the the alt. will charge well over the 13V 12 O'clock position as when the engine is

I have done the big 3
large guage wire from neg. of battery to the body, out of alt. charge to pos. of battery
and from alt. case to body. made absolutely no improvement.

Then I upgraded the 103 amp orginal alt. to a 145amp from a silverodo truck no improvement.

I understand there are numerous grounds on the 4th gen F-body.
I would like to know where all the grounds are located so I can clean and secure them

I diagram or image would be a great help.
Thanks Guys for the surport