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What I decided to do

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    What I decided to do

    01Z28. Stock door speakers sounded like dying burned piles of ass. I replaced them with cheap wally world 6.5 compounds and discovered the 4 wire stockers had a separate channel for the tweets. Right now I'm running the speakers on the mid/low channel but will be cutting the tweet wires out and running them on the tweet channel. I'm not gonna start the argument of which one is amped and which one is straight HU because nobody seems to know on the site. I know for a fact the Trans Am system is completely different because I had one and replaced a bunch of speakers on it as well.

    I moved on to the sail speakers and found that some ass hat had installed some compound off brand junk in that spot with built in Xovers that eliminated all base..... so they pretty much don't do shit... I put in a ebay special in the form of factory Camaro subs that were supposed to be good (yeah fucking right). One ended up being good so I installed it to get a feel for how it would sound. That little bastard made it seem like the fender was going to vibrate off the car so I ripped it back out and stuck the compounds back in there. I weighed my options of running hatch speaker jumpers to the sail speakers but decided to junk them in favor of some cheap 6.5 subs. I would of course have to dyno mat the whole damn area to make it the least bit tolerable so that's the next step. I'm gonna leave the hatch speakers alone and let my little 52X4 Xplode have it's way with them.

    Bass is covered by a cheap ass Pep Boys bass canon that seems to be crossed over to not get but a very narrow range of sound. It's not a super wide range sub like most 10's are so I might just junk that thing if I like the way my stock sub set up sounds when I get that done.

    I know there's better ways of doing this but I'm a cheap ass with a cheap ass car that has a cheap ass engine built out of cheap ass left over parts. It gets killer gas mileage and kills these new 5.0 stanks like nobody's business so I'm content to continue with the cheap ass trend (especially with the audio system)

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    Our sail panel speakers were blown when we bought the car so I bought factory replacement speakers for ours. It's been a while but I spent maybe around $50 each and they have worked fine ever since.

    Good luck!

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