I got the monsoon 10 speaker yadda yadda yadda so on and what forth sound system in my car. I know this sounds odd, but when I turn my volume button down, it goes to full blast in like a 1/4 inch turn. Passengers are slow witted it seems and I am getting annoyed. It also when turning it up, will jump way up in sound, then way way way down. Steering wheel button works fine though. See...this is why I like mechanical volume control, not stupid electronic.

Surley some wiz on this board can give me steps on how to pop that puppy open replace a resistor or the button or something. I would just buy a new system, but I hate the look of aftermarket radios in cars. Stick out and they just look cheap, not matching to factory flow lines etc. Plus I never want to loose factory steering wheel controls.(Yes I know you can hook them up, but electronics really piss me off, last speaker/stereo install set me back 6 hours).