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VATS - Will it eventually go bad??

This is a discussion on VATS - Will it eventually go bad?? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; 01 WS6. Car has about 10,000 miles on it. After reading tons of posts about people having problem with the ...

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    VATS - Will it eventually go bad??

    01 WS6. Car has about 10,000 miles on it.

    After reading tons of posts about people having problem with the VATS system and lots of other people out there just bypassing it - I'm it a sure thing that it will eventually go bad?

    It seems to me that a large amount of people have a problem with this thing. Every time I turn the key I'm thinking - I wonder if this thing is going to start or will I get the dreaded SECURITY light. I had a '93 Camaro that I bought brand new and the system gave me nothing but problems after a year or two. Got new keys made, new ignition cylinder - it was just a total pain.

    Does the resistor on the key just eventually wear down? Is that the most common issue?? How about if I swap keys every month or so - would that help? The car doesn't get driven much but I still can't help but think I'm eventually going to have a VATS system related problem...


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    It's one of those things where you may never have a problem for the entire life of the car, or it might go out tomorrow. The problem, as you stated, is that when it does go out, your stuck. So, most people decide to eliminate the chance of it happening.

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    mine gave no signs of going out, i went to the local car wash(quick spray down), went to get in after its speed bath then BAM nothing, had to be towed a whopping mile. i bypassed it and have had no problems since. So like Knight said you may or may not have symptoms when it goes

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    it's designed to fail......when you put the key in each side of that resistor contacts a small wire. Metal on metal means eventually the softer of the 2 metals will wear down. History has shown it's the wires. That being said I probably wouldn't mess with it until you have to. At 10k you have a ton more life left in the vats system most likely. It won't hurt to bypass it (if you read the thread and do it correctly) but my motto has always been "if it ain't broke....don't fix it."

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    The entire electrical system is prone to have issue on these..

    Just a matter of, when , where, and what..

    WIth that said,, it's the nature of the beast,, you can't have a muscle car and not plan to work on it.

    Stay on top of things and these cars are great..

    Slack a little too much and they will bite you.

    Just my .02

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    If its only a weekend toy you could bypass it and add a new chip toggle in the car. Its a device that has a little box you place on the switch and gives it power.

    Honestly these cars are a very low theft item

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    My SECURITY light began to glow continuously on 12/31/2008 (Happy New Year!). It's been on ever since and I've never had a problem with the starter. 2001 Z28 with +176K miles.

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    How do upu bypass vats

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    My VATS is working just fine, but like the OP I have concerns as to when... and where, it might decide to fail. I built a bypass and carry it with me, ready to go should it ever be needed: VATS - DIY Roadside Assistance

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