When it comes to the SEMA Show, you can find just about anything that can be bolted, sprayed or even remotely considered automotive in nature. The electronics arena is certainly no exception; the new products section at the show was full of killer new electronic gizmos, gadgets and software for your ride. Some of this gear is for flash, some for performance, while others are more utilitarian. We spent some time checking out a few of these products and have compiled a list of the ones that caught our eye. Check it out:

1. Camaro ECM- OK, its not an ECM for your Camaro, but a Camaro that IS your ECM! PCRides.com introduced the first licensed Chevy Camaro computer. Yes, it is a real computer, and it actually has good guts. The base model ($999) features an Intel Atom N330 Dual Core CPU, up to 8 gb of RAM, up to 1 Tb of storage, Nvidia video chipset, 7-channel audio and all the goodies you would expect. The motherboard also has the capability for a solid-state hard drive for faster start up. PCRides.com also offers a Corvette model.

2. Secret Audio SST- This stealthy audio system is a favorite with hot rod guys who want aftermarket sound but don't want a flashy new radio messin' with their classic dashes. The hideaway product has been around for years, but this new system has controls for iPod, Satellite radio and the requisite CD changer. Another cool feature is the RF remote, which is not typically found in car audio, but since the unit is remote mount, getting line of sight for the remote is not as easy. In the past, the Secret Audio head units have provide less-than-stellar performance, but they serve their purpose. Would you like us to do a review? Let us know. www.custom-autosound.com

3. GoPoint BT1- This is an interesting product, there were several versions of this technology at the show. The BT1 plugs into your OBDII port and through Bluetooth, send data to your cell phone (Apple, Windows and Android) for diagnostics and repair information. It is basically an advanced scan tool. There is also a tethered version that plugs in directly. www.gopointtech.com

4. Dakota Digital VHX hybrid gauges- Currently available for the GM tri-fives (1955-1957 GM cars), the VHX gauges are both digital and analog, bridging the gap that has been growing between the two designs. Full digital gauges (aftermarket-wise) reached their peak in the late ‘90s, most builders are using traditional analog gauges (needles vs. digital readout). These are great looking gauges and really marks a step in the right direction for Dakota Digital, who as you infer from the name, built their reputation with full digital readout gauges. www.dakotadigital.com

5. Innovate Motorsports OpenTune- Another OBDII interface, the OpenTune device uses Blutetooth to sync with your phone or laptop. This $179 device offers a virtual dyno, datalogging, detailed gauges and real-time data to help you tune your car and get the most performance. OpenTune also has a efficiency meter for tracking your fuel economy and expenses. While the how “green” thing makes me want to puke, the rest of the stuff is pretty cool. www.ot-2.com

6. Adaptive Engine Management ECUDataScan- Moving away from the portable devices, the ECUDataScan is live engine monitoring device. Using the supplied screen, you get a live view of all the sensors you car’s ECU records- MAF, TPS, O2, all of it. Just like all the other products like this that were released this year, its pretty neat, but the ECUDataScan has another trick up it’s sleeve- GPS. This sucker logs your locations and can translate them for lap timing and view it on GoogleEarth. It is upgradeable for GPS nav, has built-in performance testing (1/4-mile, horsepower, etc). The FM transmitter sounds neat, but I have no idea what it is for, I suspect that has to do with the MP3 and video playback functions (as in sending the audio to the radio), but that was not spelled out in any of the company’s info. This is plug-and-play through the, you guessed it, OBDII port. www.ECUDataScan.com

7. Auto-i- Here is something that up until now has not really been available to the aftermarket- blind-spot detection. Many of the OEM manufacturers offer some sort of blind-spot system as an option, but what if you have a ’63 Caddy? The fins alone can hide a Smart car, you need this. Coming from Canada, the Auto-I offers a back-up camera, parking sensor and blind-spot detector, which are life savers. The BSD system is simple- an LED for visual alerts and beeps for audio cues. Its better than trying to pop dents of out that Smart Car (like one of those tin-cans could even scratch a ’63 Caddy!)

8. Got2B wireless- with such a goofy name, this setup begs the question- what does that mean? Well, according to the company, Got2B kits are Bluetooth wireless handsfree devices for the car. The thing that caught my attention was the Got2BVoice, which offers texting, email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter and Bing/Google 411 all by voice command. How cool would you look to all your friends with “I just told my phone to update my FB. Without touching my phone”. That will be the first thing EVERY person who buys this posts. But seriously, voice texting and email sounds pretty cool. www.got2bwireless.com

9. G-tech Fanatic If you are into performance driving, then you are likely already familiar with the G-Tech devices. These accelerometer-based units test driving performance in a straight line. The newest version now features high-frequency GPS (11hz, as opposed to 1hz most mobile GPS devices use) for faster response and incredible accuracy. That is 10 times the speed, which makes a huge difference. The Fanatic series offers SS and RR modes, SS is straight-line performance for drag racing, and RR for Road Race. You can set this device to record your laps around a course and it will display your track times and log intervals and turns to help you increase your speed. In SS mode, you can capture ¼-mile, 60 foot, 0-60 MPH, horsepower and torque figures, it is basically a real-time chassis dyno that plugs into your accessory port. The original versions were accurate (circa 1994), but this GPS unit is way better.

10. Palmer Performance Dash Command- This is an interface that uses the OBDII scanner output to deliver a virtual dashboard to an iPad or iPhone. Everything from fuel economy, horsepower and torque figures, skidpad and data logging are available for your tuning needs. The applications itself functions without the OBDII interface with GPS and accelerometer data, but the OBDII section gives you much more information.

11. GoPro Hero, HeroHD and Hero3D- I saved the best for last. I picked up one the HeroHD units at the show. Full HD, wireless, waterproof video for motorsports. The kit comes with several mounts, including a suction cup mount that held in place at well over 100 MPH during some dragstrip testing after I got home. This thing is cool. You can put it on the roof, door, fender, a surfboard, skateboard or bicycle. It will also take 5 megapixel still images in timed intervals for rolling shots. These are poster-quality images. The heavy-duty mounts are adjustable for angle. One thing this camera is missing is an Infrared flash, it needs some light to get a decent image, but that is easy enough to overcome. With the 3D Hero, you get 3D racing in HD. They have so many options, you can use thing camera for just about anything activity. $299 might sound like a lot at first, but you would spend a lot more to get the same functionality for any other HD video camera. The size of the camera really stands out too, without the rigging or case, the camera itself is about 2 inches square. Tiny does not go far enough. Trust me, you want one. www.goprocamera.com