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This is a discussion on Subwoofer? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; I want to see the last ....not racist if

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    I want to see the last ....not racist if

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenn_du_weinst View Post
    no you don't the subs are built alot better than they use to be my 15's in my blazer in a 7ft box are just as fast as the 10's in my room and if you put a 8 in the wrong size box like that the power handling will go way down and is not really suitable for a car tune a ported box in the right size at 32hz and tell me it doesn't get low the only difference in the sizes is most manufacturers as size goes up the fs goes down with it but there are 8's with the same fs and will get as low just not as loud because the cone area is so small compared to the 12
    I agree with a lot of what you are saying but 4 -8" subs are usually faster than 15" subs. If you make them go as low they will not be loud and won't handle any power. The smaller the box the more power you need and the faster they will be as long as the box is the right size. That is the most important. I use to run 6 -10w6's by JL Audio in an s10 pick up for a demo truck for the company the box was .51 cuft per enclosure sealed and they were quick and loud.....In "1992" so I will agree with you that subs are better today if you buy a good sub like an XMAX bY Pheonix Gold or Jl Audio higher end Kicker etc...That was a looooooongggg time ago. 151 decibel latter with a lot of power 2 batt. and a batt. isolator,1 farad cap per amplifier

    In other word I won't argue with anybody on car audio anymore it's been to long.:-) Some of you were probably just born or not even born then, no offense

    I have Mirage OM6 home speakers now that will go down to 21 hertz but I paid $4000 a pair to get an 8" to work that well. It's all in quality and design

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