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    Ok everybody I know NOTHING about car audio. I saw on A forum awhile back 8" subs mounted in the rear sail panels. Has anyone done this to know how they sound, what subs to buy etc? I'm on a budget and don't want to lose space. I have had the stock replaced twice under warranty and the system sounds horrible after about 2 weeks.

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    You don't want to cheep out because it'll either blow again or sound worse. I'd reccoment, if you want to save space, getting the JL Audio stealth box and an amp. Since the rear hatch of the car is basically shaped like a horn, you'll get more volume out of a sub mounted back there than you will right behind you. You can run the new amp off the factory sub output through a high to low adapter which goes to the rear sail panel speakers.

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    does any one know where to get the jl stealth for less than 400 bucks?

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    Well if you're trying to save space you probably don't want this, but on eBay you can find custom subboxes for Camaro's and Firebird's, and mine only cost about $85 shipped and it fit and sounded great. It held 2 12's in it.

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    I have an MTX Thunderform on ebay right now up for grabs. Same as a JL stealthbox and does the same thing. In fact almost all the stealthboxes are about the same airspace..usually about .6-.7 cu. ft. of sealed enclosure. The MTX, Vantage (which is just an uncovered JL as I understand it from other forums), and JL Audio all fit about the same too. And lets not forget subthump enclosers...nice also!! Basically it all comes down to the right sub and amp in one of these boxes. They can produce alot of bass for such a small area. I guess because of the acoustics in the hatch. Anyway heres the link if your interested:
    As far as the stock location of the subs...SS Andrew is right do a stealth box and call it a day. Some guys have put upgraded 6in. and 8in. subs in that location but unless you seal it off and put an amp to it (outside of the stock Monsoon) your not gonna be satisfied with the money and effort you put in. Get a decent, moderate amp like RF, Alpine, MTX, Kicker, don't need much power 200-300watts will more than do. Get a decent sub of the same brands mentioned (yes I'm aware some people have RE XXX, JL W6-W7's, Adire Brahma's, but I don't know what price range we are dealing with). Then put that sub in a stealthbox and you will be happy. My original setup was a simple Rockford Fosgate 120.2 bridged to a Clarion sub and my door speakers running off my HU (Clarion dxz815mp). At G9 last year it made 127 db. and I forgot to adjust my bass level on the was set at -4. It goes to +8. The amp was at about 80%-90% though. It was by no means a competition set up but it sounded good and was a starting point. Sounded way better then stock Monsoon. I have since upgraded everything but still ran stealth on each side. Good luck!!

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