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Sub Basics

This is a discussion on Sub Basics within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; so i have a couple questions about pairing subs with amps 1. what is the advantage of 4ohm subs vs ...

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    Sub Basics

    so i have a couple questions about pairing subs with amps
    1. what is the advantage of 4ohm subs vs 2ohm subs?
    2. when matching a sub to an amp you basically want to match max rms to max rms right?
    3. when do you have to worry about over powering/underpowering a sub?

    sorry, i'm pretty much a newb when it comes to audio!

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    1) As long as the amp can handle the lower impedance load there is no real advantage. While the power may go up driving a lower impedance the amount of distortion also goes up when driving a 2ohm load. Can you hear this higher amount of distortion? I sure can't.

    2) No. These numbers are simply guidelines. It's not as if a 300W sub is going to blow just because you hooked it up to a 301W amp. As long as the power is clean (within reason of course) there is nothing wrong with having an amp with a higher power rating than what the sub can handle.

    3) As long as you are using a quality amp and sub this really isn't an issue.
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    when it comes to the ohm rating on the subs - just be sure to get what you will need to in order to be able to achieve your desired resistance level to the amp. This depends on if the subs are single or dual voice coils, and how many of each. I can help you if you would like.

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