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Speaker combo/setup questions

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    Speaker combo/setup questions

    Ok, I've ditched the idea of adding a powered sub tube on top of the stock Monsoon. The Monsoon has got to go.

    So, I'm thinking new head unit (obviously), 5-channel Alpine amplifier, 4 new speakers in stock locations, and a sub box in the old cd changer's spot.

    Now, the questions:

    1. Where is the best place to mount a single aftermarket amplifier if I don't want to lose too much usable trunk space, especially not in my t-top storage, and I don't have the skill/patience to fabricate an elaborate mount?

    2. Would it be worth it to use component systems in place just speakers? I'd have to drill the door panels and the rear seat side panels to mount the tweeters obviously. That would theoretically give me more opportunity to aim the highs to the best positions but would it really make that big of a difference to justify the price difference and labor/hassle factor?

    3. The amp will be powering the 6.5/6.75 main speakers and the sub. Would it be worth it to run speaker wire from the head unit to power new 4" speakers in the rear sail panels or should I just leave those out of the new equation?

    4. Where should I focus my sound deadening efforts? Since I'll have the interior torn pretty much completely apart for this I should put at least something down to help the new stuff sound that much better.

    Thanks for any input y'all can provide. I'll keep everyone posted as things progress after I get started.

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    If you want to do it right run all new wires to eveything, and rip everything from the factory out.

    As per the components... The reason a component souncs so much better is because with the tweeter not mounted in the middle, it A) doesnt interfere with the woofer sound, and B) isnt distorted bu the waves comin from the woofer.

    good luck


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    1) Click my sig to see how I mounted my amps. If you don't think you can do the job yourself stop by SubThump and check out the amp racks Steve has to offer. They are based on my design.

    2) I'm guessing you have a Camaro so you don't have factory tweeter mounts? If that's the case you might want to consider a co-axial type speaker that has it's tweeter mounted in a swivel mount that allows you to aim them. Another option would be tweeter pods where the little triangle shaped piece of plastic is for your side mirrors.

    3) Forget about the rear speakers. I would recommend doing what I did. Get an amp to power the front speakers and another to power the sub or subs. If you feel that you just have to have rear speakers run them off of the HU.

    4) The firewall, floor and the entire rear hatch area.
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