are now working well in my car! Since the amp I have was bypassed and the stock Monsoon headunit was getting power, it sounded like total crap! I've removed the stock unit now and installed the Xplod unit I mentioned in an earlier thread. I wanted to delete the old thread but can't do it. Anyway, I'm running this headunit from Sony.

So far, sounds decent! Got the unit -face on ebay for 10 bucks, then got the face from another seller for 20 and it came with the wiring harness. Another 11 bucks for the 1 1/2 DIN bracket for the Z and throw in shipping. . .right at 60 bucks. . . . Well, of the last 5 to end on ebay, they're going from 50-80 bucks, so I'm happy! ! !

Sounds better, looks decent and I can have inputs now. . .and use a decent amp with it too!


AND, whats with this rule about not posting pictures until you have 15+ posts? I've posted pics here before? New rule?