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Rockford Fosgate at CES 2011

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    Exclamation Rockford Fosgate at CES 2011

    Rockford Fosgate CES Announcements

    Rockford presented nearly 50 new products for 2011 at CES, one of them being the 3Sixty.3 (see below for full specs) which we covered in our top products article. But the company's most exciting product category may be amplifiers.

    They added two new AD amplifier models in its Power series, which is best known for its commanding sound in a smaller chassis design. The new full range Class AD amplifier models include the T600-4AD and T1000-4AD.

    “We believe a premium amplifier for multichannel applications has to be affordable and driven with high-performance features,” noted Bill Jackson, president of Rockford Corporation. “That’s why we engineered the T600 and T1000 models. Each delivers similar quality as the other models in our Power series, but comes in a more affordable package. I think what we’ve accomplished with these two new Class AD amps proves that great design and bold engineering can also be a great value.”

    Class AD amplifiers are better for multichannel applications because they require less devices and share a common high voltage supply. The T600 and T1000 amplifiers feature Post Choke Feedback, Super High Output Switching Frequency and Soft Clipping that all help keep the sound output as clean as possible.

    “The T1000 constantly monitors each channel’s power and dynamically adjusts the output to ensure max power is available at any impedance between 1 and 4 ohms,” explained Dave Baker, senior design engineer and electrical engineer manager for Rockford Fosgate. “In fact, each channel is engineered to be completely independent from the others and have its own constant power and protection circuitry. That way, true constant power can be attained by each channel independently, regardless of the impedance level. We also ensured the T1000’s feedback is taken at the speaker connector, so the output filter is inside the feedback loop and only a pure, low distortion signal is sent to the speaker.”

    Rockford also added four models to its line of Prime amplifiers. The four Class D amplifiers that will be introduced include the R400-4D, R600-4D, R750-1D and R1200-1D.

    “Our new line of Class D amplifiers offer a variety of options for entry-level buyers,” said Bill Jackson. “However, an entry-level amplifier doesn’t mean sacrificing audio quality at Rockford Fosgate. In fact, we’ve packed these four new Class D amplifiers with incredible technology not typically seen at this price point. We’re confident that when people get a taste of how great these new Prime series amps are, they’ll naturally want to turn up the juice with our mid and high level products.”

    Rockford Fosgate’s Prime amplifier series provides a consistent level of digital processing that produces high quality sound. The R400-4D and R600-4D full range models produce quality sound at virtually every audio frequency range while the mono channel R750-1D and R1200-1D amplifiers provide exceptional boost for bass created through a single subwoofer.

    “The technology we’ve engineered into the new full range and mono Class-D amplifiers allow them to be much smaller and generate less heat,” explained Jake Braaten, director of brand and product development at Rockford Fosgate. “Each offers graduating elements of performance that are designed to exceed every expectation at this price point. These new amps can fire music in any direction while covering the whole audio frequency range or just boosting the bass.”

    There are also new amps for the mid-level Punch series: two full range and two mono channel Class D amplifiers, the P500X4D, P1000X4D, P1000X5D and P1000X1D.

    Bill Jackson explained: “Our goal is to create a full range of amplifiers that is tailored to the needs of each customer. Because mobile car audio is very specific to each end-user, it takes a full complement of amplifiers to create the best listening environment. The mid-level priced series of products is particularly important to car audio enthusiasts who want to make a statement within their budget.”

    Each new Punch model was engineered to be a cost effective, high fidelity, high efficiency, powerful and compact amplifier.

    “Our engineering team has spent the last five years developing these new amplifiers,” added Jake Braaten. “All of the technologies, including our 100 percent RF proprietary discrete semi-conductor design, were created to provide the ultimate sound perfection. From the dynamic output adjustments that ensure maximum power is always available, to the oversized output filter components that result in very low distortion, these four new amplifiers will push a lot of great sound into our world.”

    And then there's the new BRT amps which we listed in our top products from CES. The new Punch boosted rail amplifier line includes two products: the PBR300X4, a 300 watt 4 channel boosted rail amplifier and the PBR300X1, a 300 watt mono channel boosted rail amplifier.

    Rockford Fosgate’s improved amplifier technology achieves greater output power than previous models, by equally boosting its supply voltage and current. For example, a voltage boost of 2:1 now results in a power boost of 4:1. The smaller size and weight of the BRT amplifier ensures powerful sound that can fit in most any space.

    “The Punch boosted rail amplifiers have a 42 percent smaller surface area than their predecessors,” explained David Baker, senior design engineer and electrical engineering manager for Rockford Fosgate “Overall, the amplifier is 76 percent smaller in terms of its height, width and volume, and yet it produces an amazing 300 watts of power. This is unheard of in the industry. It has the smallest mechanical packaging in the industry at roughly the size of a couple of smart phones. Our new Punch car audio boosted rail amplifier puts the ‘mobile’ in mobile sound.”

    The most significant advance in Punch BRT amplifiers is the unregulated power supply. The more power the car consumes, the better the product will perform.

    Technical highlights of the amps include:
    -Application Amplifier
    -Boosted Rail Technology
    -BRT Technology Indicator LED
    -Selectable Hi / Level Inputs Balanced Differential
    -Variable 4-6 Volt Hi Level DC Offset Voltage Input Turn On Control
    -AP Remote Out Feature when Using High Level Inputs
    -Selectable Fully Adjustable 12 dB/oct Butterworth Crossover
    -Optional Continuously Variable Remote Punch EQ Control Ready
    -Compact Design for Stealth Installations
    -Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
    -Real Time Thermal Sensing with Rollback Technology
    -Muted Turn On
    -Short Circuit Protection
    -Discrete Surface Mount Technology
    -CEA-2006 and CE Compliant

    The company known for its woofers has new subs in their Prime series. The new R2 family will be part of the company’s entry-level Prime subwoofer series and includes the 10” and 12” dual 2 or 4 ohm subwoofers and 10” or 12” dual 2 or 4 ohm shallow subwoofers.

    “These entry-level subwoofers will make a big impression on the market,” said Bill Jackson, president of Rockford Corporation. “We’ve established new ways that allow us to pack some of our best subwoofer technology with less expensive, but high quality materials. This means better sound and better quality with less money out of pocket.”

    The Prime 10” (R2D2-10/R2D4-10) and 12” (R2D2-12/R2D4-12) dual 2 or 4 ohm subwoofers will be built with improved materials and offer the leading technology that has made Rockford Fosgate a leader in the mobile audio systems market. The Prime 10” (R2SD2-10/R2SD4-10) and 12” (R2SD2-12/R2SD4-12) dual 2 or 4 ohm shallow subwoofer will be built using the same quality control practices as the R2 subwoofers, but have been engineered for use in shallow platforms.

    “The new family of R2 subwoofers will produce a high quality base at a price point that is simply unprecedented in the industry,” said Drew Kallen, director of loudspeaker engineering for Rockford Fosgate. “The shallow R2 subwoofers will really shake up the market. They’re designed to fit in shallow applications using a one piece cone that delivers a truly memorable bass reproduction.”

    The new series of PUNCH subwoofers includes 11 models ranging from 8” to 15”. The new P1, P2 and P3 series subwoofers have been engineered to produce more watts than the current generation P1, P2 and P3 PUNCH subwoofers that were launched in early 2007.

    In order to increase the watts for each new subwoofer, the Rockford Fosgate engineering team developed a new correlation between the speaker and spider. The P1 models have significantly improved voice coils allowing for a greater dynamic range. The radiating cone area of each P2 subwoofer has been increased by 25 percent, while the P3 models feature a larger magnet, vented motor poles to keep the subwoofers cooler and new anodized aluminum cones for spectacular sound quality in a lightweight, yet robust package. Both the P2 and P3 series use a new die cast aluminum decorate trim ring to give the subwoofer a more polished look.

    The new series of Punch subwoofers include:
    P1 Series Subwoofers
    -P1D2-8/P1D4-8, 8” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P1D2-10/P1D4-10, 10” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P1D2-12/P1D4-12, 12” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P1D2-15/P1D4-15, 15” Dual 2 or 4 ohm

    P2 Series Subwoofers
    -P2D2-8/P2D4-8, 8” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P2D2-10/P2D4-10, 10” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P2D2-12/P2D4-12, 12” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P2D2-15/P2D4-15, 15” Dual 2 or 4 ohm

    P3 Series Subwoofers
    -P3D2-10/P3D4-10, 10” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P3D2-12/P3D4-12, 12” Dual 2 or 4 ohm
    -P3D2-15/P3D4-15, 15” Dual 2 or 4 ohm

    “The new family of Punch subwoofers is not just a re-packaging of the product,” said Drew Kallen, director of loudspeaker engineering for Rockford Fosgate. “We’ve taken the last three years to discover how to make definitive performance gains in reliability and power handling. From using new materials like anodized aluminum for the cones to engineering new terminal designs, this next generation of Punch subwoofers is much more stable and reliable, giving the best output for a dynamic range of music.”

    Then there's the new line of Power T0 subwoofers. Based on Rockford Fosgate’s T1 Power subwoofer line, each new T0 model features dual spiders, aluminum cones and high excursion rubber surrounds. The result is a premium bass quality for every genre of music at lower price point.

    “When it comes to subwoofers at this level, function and form are both critical to the consumer,” explained Drew Kalleen, director of loudspeaker engineering for Rockford Fosgate. “Our engineering team is continually pushing the envelope of design without sacrificing the quality of the sound. Our Power T0 subwoofers are the next step in that engineering evolution that offers fantastic bass at a cost that everyone can appreciate.”

    New Power series subwoofer models include:
    T0D215, 15” Dual 2 ohm Power Subwoofer
    T0D415, 15” Dual 4 ohm Power Subwoofer
    T0D212, 12” Dual 2 ohm Power Subwoofer
    T0D412, 12” Dual 4 ohm Power Subwoofer
    T0D210, 10” Dual 2 ohm Power Subwoofer
    T0D410, 10” Dual 4 ohm Power Subwoofer

    Rockford Fosgate is making some high-end speakers to complement their excellent subwoofers. The new T3 and T5 series components are "for the hard core audiophile," according to Bill Jackson. "Last year we ‘teased’ our fans with the idea of a more powerful component system that can masterfully deliver extreme bass as well as full range audio. Today, we’re delivering two component systems that will do just that.”

    The new T5 (T5652-S) 6.5” 2-way component system features the first intelligent passive crossover that monitors signals from the amplifier and intuitively interacts with the installer. Included with the crossover is a Remote Tuning Module allowing convenient tuning of the system from the driver/passenger seating area. The T5 also features an exotic Liquid Crystal Polymer cone and copper phase plug resulting in a phenomenal frequency response.

    The T3 series (T3652-S) 6.5” 2-way component system is a simpler version of the T5. The T3 series features the same Liquid Crystal Polymer cone combined with a Neodymium tweeter for impressive sound quality. An installer friendly external audiophile grade crossover with on/off axis control allows optimization of speaker location within the vehicle.

    “The T5 and T3 set a new benchmark in loudspeaker technology,” explained Drew Kallen. “In fact, Rockford Fosgate is one of the few companies to aggressively invest in new variations of materials like Liquid Crystal Polymer, and technology such as the IDHS Inductive Damping Heat Sink cooling processes. Of course, we’re not finished yet. Our engineering team is committed to discovering new materials, better manufacturing processes and improved designs that will continue to yield greater performance with each new product we release.”

    Signal Processor
    The new 3Sixty.3 Interactive Signal Processor has some significant upgrades not found on its predecessor.

    The new generation offers:

    8 channels
    iPod Cable and Bluetooth interface
    4x DSP horsepower
    31 band equalizer
    8 biquads per channel
    Multichannel mixer for custom channel summing
    Channel router for user assignable inputs
    Output noise gate with hard FET mutes
    Phase control
    Delay time
    Analog Volume control with increased range
    EZ Setup with a PC
    Digital remote
    RFLink interface
    Digital Input (optical SPDIF)
    Remote output (selectable delay)
    Balanced/unbalanced select
    Improved and more intuitive GUI
    iPhone and iPad mobile application
    Field upgradable firmware via USB

    “Increasingly, OEMs are integrating mobile phones, climate control and other key functions and technologies into a single in-dash unit,” said Erik Gundersen, director of advanced products for Rockford Fosgate. “That level of integration makes it difficult to replace a factory-installed audio system. The new 3Sixty.3 processor not only gives customers the freedom to integrate their choice of speakers, subwoofers and amps without changing the in-dash radio, it also includes the latest Bluetooth and mp3 player functionality that accommodates features like volume control in the steering wheel.”

    OE Systems
    Rockford Fosgate has two Nissan-built vehicles to showcase the latest, cutting-edge designs, dubbed “Next Generation.”

    “Offering premium car audio systems can be a significant advantage for car manufacturers,” said Bill Jackson, president of Rockford Corporation. “Rockford Fosgate’s reputation among consumers for delivering a premier listening experience offers OEMs a way to gain a distinct sales advantage in a very competitive marketplace.”

    The Next Generation OEM Architecture demonstrates solutions for inherent obstacles of high-performance audio in OEM applications with an ultra-compact subwoofer package, customer control over system dynamics and highly efficient amplification. The systems can be installed at the factory or by the OEM at an import facility before the car or truck is delivered to the dealer.

    “We’ve teamed up with select auto manufacturers to bring a higher level of performance than anything ever heard, or felt, before in a factory or dealer-installed audio system,” described Dan Vandenbergh, managing director of OEM at Rockford Corporation. “Our Next Generation Architecture builds on that experience and delivers a premium sound at a very reasonable price.”

    The systems to be exhibited include:
    Under-Seat Subwoofer Study
    Multiple under-seat subwoofer concepts will allow OEM Product Planners to choose from up- or down-firing configurations and between passenger or driver seat mounting locations. Each one is compact, yet delivers serious sound.

    High Efficiency Amplification
    Rockford’s BRT subwoofer amplifier, which is installed in the demo vehicles, provides more power with a significant increase in efficiency for smaller subwoofer enclosure volumes.

    PUNCH™ Control
    Leveraged from Rockford Fosgate’s high performance consumer products, the PUNCH Controller allows OEM Product Planners to control the dynamics of the system in order to match performance to their target customer using the ecoPUNCH™ Upgrade Concept.

    Rockford Fosgate PUNCH Sonic Signature
    Developed from over 30 years of sound competition, the PUNCH sonic signature recreates the passion and excitement of a live performance.

    By prioritizing the driver seat listening position, Rockford can optimize the system components further for cost for an OEM. For instance, Rockford Fosgate engineers can make rear door speakers simply single-cone midrange speakers instead of multi-element, full-range speakers.

    “OEM’s need high performance audio components that draw less power, fit into tight spaces and minimize weight yet don’t generate lots of heat, all at a reasonable cost,” added Vandenbergh. “Our architecture is the building blocks that help automakers reach those goals.”


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    The new series of PUNCH subwoofers includes 11 models ranging from 8” to 15”. The new P1, P2 and P3 series subwoofers have been engineered to produce more watts than the current generation P1, P2 and P3 PUNCH subwoofers that were launched in early 2007.

    I dont know how they expect the load to "produce" more watts. Thats kinda for the power source......

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