I have been having problems with the stupid galvanized arm falling out of the socket for the high beam switch. I was on here and saw a post to put a high beam clicker on the floor. Good post. I went to checker's and they had to order one. So, I bought a red lighted rocker and installed it right next to the fog switch. I used a dremel and cut out a hole in the instrument cluster trim. THen i had to clean out the dash with the dremel where this hole corresponds. This is actually right where the snap goes. I just cut it out and eliminated it. This is all old news if you already seen the other post. I posted this to let you guys know what the wiring is all about. I cut the two green wires and the one yellow wire that go to the actual high beam switch. This is under the steering column. I used the yellow as the supply and the two green wires (which go to the same plug) as the load wires. So yellow power coming in, and the two green as power going out. I am thinking that if you played with the two green, you could change two things. First, the instrument cluster has a dummy light(Bright BLue)and also when you kick the highs, the fogs cut out. As i wired it, the fogs cut out, and the dummy light comes on. And the red blends in with the dash, but it is BRIGHT red, so you know its on. Just thought i would help out anyone who has the same problem.I am going to install the foot switch, but the wiring is the important part.