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Power steering

This is a discussion on Power steering within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; ok i have a 98 ss and my my steering wheel will turn left but wont turn right without extreme ...

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    Power steering

    ok i have a 98 ss and my my steering wheel will turn left but wont turn right without extreme force. ive changed the ps pump and changed the outer tie rod, but it still wont turn right unless i forcefully do it! please help me!!!

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    Could be the steering rack, or possibly the joint on the column. Disconnect each outer tie rod and with the front end raised turn each wheel side-to-side to check for any binding. With the tie rods still disconnected, try to turn the steering wheel all the way left and all the way right both with the engine off and then with the engine running. With the engine off, have someone listening for any strange noises coming from the rack. Ever suffer any front end damage? Is the rack leaking? Take a look at the steering joint just above the connection to the rack. You can unbolt it and pry it off the rack to check it for tightness -- just be sure not to let your steering wheel spin or you'll shred your clock spring. Mark it for center and only turn it a little bit each way to check it by hand. You wouldn't be the first guy with a bad rack and if you end up replacing it, be aware that there are apparently two (2) different styles. I think it was Spaz who found this out the hard way.

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