I have a question for you guys. I swaped the head unit and everything works but I wanted to know if any of you have had a random problem like this.
For about the past year even before I did the HU swap My RAP system has worked on and off. mostly not working when I turn the car off and not open the door. I have not gotten around to figuring out why yet. I know there could be a problem with the solder joint on the BCM it self or a bad door switch. Since the HU swap all of a sudden it works most of the time now.
The problem I am having now is that the head unit will power down and back up multiple times radomly. There is no set time it will do it but when I drive around it will do this every now and then. Seems to do it more when I turn it up like it is a load problem. Bat and alt are brand new and working fine. I have high 13's when running as far as voltage. I used the correct wire harness adapter and I soldered all the conections and taped them. I also pulled it and checked to see if I had any wires shorting out and I found none. When the car is running I am guessing that the power flows throught the same relay on the BCM and it switch powers the head unit. Could this be causeing the problem? I was planning on Pulling the BCM and checking it down the road but I am tring to finish up my 383 tune right now. What other possible things could it be? I am also not rulling out the head unit having some kind of problem. I also use an HU mount with LEDS that tie into the same circuit. I am just wondering if any of you have had a problem like this related to the BCM?