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Is it possible to add an aux input on an GM radio?

This is a discussion on Is it possible to add an aux input on an GM radio? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Basically my Aztek has a button thats saids cd/aux yet I cannot find an AUX input anywhere on the damn ...

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    Question Is it possible to add an aux input on an GM radio?

    Basically my Aztek has a button thats saids cd/aux yet I cannot find an AUX input anywhere on the damn thing. This is a 2003 which basically has the same GM radio that every other Pontiac came with at the time. I'm trying to hook my Zune to it so I can listen to MP3's without having to go after market (trying to spend as little money as possible) but before I pull out the radio I was going to see if anyone knew if it had an AUX input on the back. If not is it possible to somehow add an AUX input to the radio? And before anyone ask yes I have tried used an FM transmitter and the SQ is about the same as a man slapping himself in the ass with a straw broom.

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    The aux would probably be a cd changer. It is in the rear of the radio.
    They have two that might work. Just have to remove the radio to install.

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    The only way to add AUX to it is to get into the rado itself and wire an AUX to the mother board. Thats what I did to my Monsoon and now I can plug my iPod to it.

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    i advice calling crutchfield..they will be able to tell you for sure. There are adapters made that will interface with the stock radio via the input a stock CD changer would have used. if this is not an option, I installed a hard-wire fm modulator into 2 friends' cars. about $40, and instead of transmitting over the air to the radio, you actually install it behind the radio, hard wire it in. It is connected to switched power source, the car fm antenna is unplugged from back of radio and plugged into the device, the device plugs into the antenna input of the radio, and there is a set of RCA's running from the device. You mount a switch to turn it on and off. When its on, cuts out antenna and plays signal coming through rca's on selected fm frequency on radio (through the wire, not transmitting so no static). When off, radio works normally. Not as good sound quality as a true aux input since it is still an fm modulated signal, but much better than the fm trans. jobs you buy.

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