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Old School Power!!!

This is a discussion on Old School Power!!! within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Originally Posted by Daniel P. I have 4 15" kove audio 2 or 4 ohm subs If your interested make ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel P. View Post
    I have 4 15" kove audio 2 or 4 ohm subs If your interested make me an offer. Dad tryed to build a siren out of them but with the small ar space he was using couldnt ge much over 100db out of them and he had a cheap amp. I had one paired with a kenwood 600 watt amp in my old truck but the amp couldnt do the sub justice.
    Yeah it just depends on which ones they are can you send me a pic of one so I can see what series they are.

    Here is a few more.............

    Here is what a real power supply looks like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 97LTWON View Post
    Nice old school collection bro. That PPI black art series with yellow silk screen is wayyyy rare! PPI custom painted to order those art series amps. I could really talk some old school with you. Those HiFonics mids and tweets are super rare. Hold on too them. I have had two a lot of systems from back in the day. In one car i had just two Hifonics platinum Ulysses series 6 amps.That was a cool 100 watt system. Had a Zapco system with 3 Z220's with the custom red anodized heat sinks from Zapco. That system was soooo clean! Also had the old scool Alphasonic's all class A amps, i think four amps total with that system. But i think the cleanest system i had going was all PPI "M" series with the balanced signal inputs. 2 20150's for the subs,and one 2075 for the mids (6 total) and one 2075 for 4 tweets. Going through a ppi crossover and then through a PAR225 all with balanced cables with the phantom power. That my friend was the most accurate sounding system i have ever constructed. Damn, you just made me want to get on ebay and buy up some more old school equiptment!!!!!!!!!!! I think i will go with PPI "M" series again, only with the balanced phantom power cables!!!!
    Oh, and i cannot forget the system with the 1 HCCA 425 1st gen series with the BDG 400 bridging module. That class A amp was so warm sounding at just 2 ohms. Almost like a tube amp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey, I actually have (2) PPI-2150M Mosfet amps and (1) PPI-2075AM amp I'm considering on selling. Let me know if you have any interest.

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    Check the dates...

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