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Not happy with sound... Anyone put a set of speakers in the Dash Of a 4th Gen?

This is a discussion on Not happy with sound... Anyone put a set of speakers in the Dash Of a 4th Gen? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; OK here's the situation... I have a complete system installed including the following and am not pleased with the overall ...

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    Not happy with sound... Anyone put a set of speakers in the Dash Of a 4th Gen?

    OK here's the situation...

    I have a complete system installed including the following and am not pleased with the overall sound and volume of mid/high frequency. Subs sound AWESOME!

    I have an Alpine CDA-9815 Very happy with it. It's 3 sets of line outs sub/front/rear are hooked up to two amps.

    Amp #1 Sub-Amp. Rockford Fosgate Punch G800a2 2ch. (old Style) hooked in stereo mode to two kicker Solobarik Subs. The bass that is produced from this combo makes me gitty... I am TOTALLY satisfied with the low freq sounds.
    amp set to low pass only.

    Amp #2 Seperates-Amp. Rockford Fosgate Punch G800a4 4ch. (old style) hooked up to two sets of Seperates. Rockford Fosgate 6.5" Fanatic-X in the doors and back seats. Rear hatch 4" speakers are not used. Amp set to high-pass only.

    1 Farad Power cap installed.

    The mids and the highs just are not up to par in my opinion. I believe this is due mostly to the fact that the car only has a set of seperates in the doors. A previous car I owned had a pair of 6.5" seperates in the doors AND a pair of 4x6's in the dash and I was totally happy with that set-up. It had beautiful front staging and enough mids/highs that I had to turn it down because of pain to my ears before it would start to distort. The installed Rockford seperates sound nice but they fire right into my calf when I'm in the car and start to distort FAR before any ear pain. And YES i know that having the stereo so loud it physically hurts my ears is not good for my hearing, but thats not the point. The point is I cant get my current set-up even CLOSE to that loud before distortion sets in. Maybe it's my hearing going down the drain but my guess is that there really is no upper front cabin sound generation in the car. Front staging is non-existant mostly because the door speakers are so low in the car and obstructed if anyone is in the car. The door speakers are probably plenty loud but because they are obstructed and low in the car I crank up the volume trying to get what I want but fail because it distorts first. I also tried 2 sets of Cerwin Vega Vega-6002's (doors & back seat) since CV's are known to have Hot High's and still no satisfaction. considered buying some Boston Acoustics or MB Quart seperates but I don't want to dish out the big bucks unless I'll get satisfaction. This all brings me to the question... has anyone ever put seperates in the top dash of a 4th gen? how about some tweeters and small mids in or against the a-pillar facing the center of the dash or front listening area? Is their enough room under the dashboard for a set of surface mounted seperates? 6.5" seperates or 4x6's or 6x9's I'm not concerned with the looks of the speakers mounted in dash as I will use high quality grilles for a pro look.

    Any Ideas anyone?


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    You need a seperate eq or dsp. you will be amazed at what this will do sound quality wise in your car. Ive always been a sound fanatic when it comes equipment in my car and house. If you like alpine which I live by!!, look on ebay for a ERA-g320 eq/dsp.. its about a 20 or so band eq digital sound allows you to take all of the bass out of your highs .. no distortion... you control the subs bass through the sub output on the deck ... I had your old setup a few years ago .. I had two rockford amps the power 800a2 and power 800a4... the 4 channel on two sets of 6.5 seperates.. Dont go for the 4x6 plates .. they were ok 10 yrs ago .... but I love the way seperates grab you faced directly at you .. yes youll have to make a lil pod for the eyeball tweeters in the front .. but I would personally go that route. checkout my setup on my cardomain.. Its sickening loud.. I hate distortion .. perfectly clear and it screams as well as hits hard.. not the typical ghetto system where you cant hear the highs over the vibration or subs .. or you cant hear subs only loud ass distorted highs .. plus the ERA-g320 looks badass
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