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No wonder my stereo sounds lowsy!!!

This is a discussion on No wonder my stereo sounds lowsy!!! within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; I've had my car for going on 3 years now, and I've always felt the stock stereo left something to ...

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    No wonder my stereo sounds lowsy!!!

    I've had my car for going on 3 years now, and I've always felt the stock stereo left something to be desired.

    I figured it was becasue of the age, the stereo in my '97 Grand Cherokee, which I thought was great when I got it back in '00, sounds lowsy now too.

    But I was cleaning the inside of the car a little while ago, and I had the hatch and both doors open while the radio was on.

    I noticed it seemed alot louder from the back of the car, so I listened to the hatch grates, and yep, speakers there. I popped the grates off to check, and yup, they're the stockers.

    Then I listend to the sails on both sides....nothing. I popped the grate off, and it looks like the holes have been made bigger, and there's dynamat in there, but no speakers.

    I know I have driver's door speakers, because I've felt them while driving, but I put my ear up to the pass side doors, and nothing.

    So I've been running off one side of door speakers and the hatch speakers. No wonder it sounded like shite!!

    So I've been readin up lately on the speakers, and it looks like the Inifity 62.7's are the way to go for the fronts, and the ED's (not sure which ones, I think I saw the 3.6's mentioned somewhere) are good for the sails.

    Should I go with these, or get the whole package from Kee Audio?

    Thanks alot!

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    I have not had any dealings with the Camaro/TA packages but for the same to a little more $ I think you can create something better. I am all for the stock Monsoon system. Sounds great for me. But if I had to replace anything I was going to go for something better. Might as well since you're doing the work anyway. I recently replaced my 2 fronts with some Fosgates. They're definitely clearer. You can run them with out additional amps and they can handle an amp if I want to go that route. Find someone with a blown set that would be willing to give them to you and utilize the wire connections. I listened to some of the infinities and they were a little bright for my tastes. I was going to replace the subs with ED's 6.5s. For now, I'm leaving the rears alone for now. I'm going to go with the Focal Polyglass 100 CVX 4" 2-way speakers. The have more of a natural sound. Those will be more than the fronts and mids combined. But for a little over $200 I will have a sound that I like. I don't want something thats going to shake the car apart. Besides, less wight, the faster I can go.
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    I went with a full Pioneer Premier system. every component is part of the Premier line which was only just recently replaced by the "Stage 4" system. Took a year to get it all together and it's not like blow your head off loud but the point of these reference components isn't SPL it's SQ. and let me tell ya.... it sounds AMAZING. If you have the means I highly recommend going all out on it..... lol if you have even more money than i could hope to have i'd even suggest going for the Stage 4 setup!!!!!

    Oh yeah... weight... that is kind of a drag. my setup probably weighs under 100lbs.... but 100lbs is easily .1 in the quarter... i'll just have to make up for it in mods

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