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No bass after HU swap... wtf?

This is a discussion on No bass after HU swap... wtf? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; So i got an old Sony Xplod HU layin' around that some family gave me as a gift. I decided ...

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    No bass after HU swap... wtf?

    So i got an old Sony Xplod HU layin' around that some family gave me as a gift. I decided i'll just swap it out w/ my old Delco that comes in my 99 WS-6, cause i assume that any aftermarket HU is better than the stock distortion box.

    I unhook the original HU, plug up the new Xplod... low and behold it works. In fact, it sounds alot more clear than my stock HU.... BUT WAIT, it seems that i have been taken in by the same problem that my friend had, i have little to NO bass coming from my stock mid-drivers/subs. The sail panel speakers DO have a little sound coming out of them (and make SLIGHT bass, if any), but it honestly sounds like the volume is turned almost all the way down. Everything else sounds fine. Any idea what's up?

    Anyways, i took some pics of what everything looks like and i had a few questions about it (because i have some free wires and plugs floating around now that i've replaced the HU, maybe that has to do w/ the bass?). Pretty sure the black plug belongs to the CD Changer (even though i don't have the 12/10 whatever it is, disc-changer). Not sure what the blue and light blue free wires are to the left, i'm hopin' y'all could help me out. Here are the pics:

    It's weird, i can sit there and switch back and forth b/t the Delco and the Sony in a matter of seconds to compare, and the Delco makes a world of difference (bass wise) in the sense that i have ALOT more bass w/ the Delco... so, wtf? Am i missing some splicing? Does the fact that the mid-drivers are DVC have to do w/ anything? Is my HU not compatible w/ DVC?

    Thanks for the help, hopin' y'all can help me get my bass back.

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    it's been a while but i think the blue wires should be your remote wires for a power antenna or the remote turn on for an amp. the black wire w/ silver plug is for yoru antenna and the black plug i don't remember what that is since my last install on my TA was 5 years ago. i'll have to look and let you know if nobody else doesn't.

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    Yeah, i'm not too worried what goes to what anymore. Now i'm only concerned w/ why i have no bass from my mid-drivers after the HU swap.

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