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new system for the goat

This is a discussion on new system for the goat within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Hi all. Thinking about putting a system in my GTO I currently have a kenwood head and stock speakers and ...

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    new system for the goat

    Hi all. Thinking about putting a system in my GTO I currently have a kenwood head and stock speakers and it sounds just ok. I have had systems in past cars never really found one that suits me due to the fact that i do not listen to system friendly music. Mostly hardcore and punk rock. Any suggestions? I really dont want anything crazy just something i can play loud and still sound good. Also does anyone know why the sound quality when im hooked up thru bluetooth sucks compared to when playin a cd or the tuner? When i use the bluetooth in my wifes civic it sounds just as good as a cd or tuner.

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    SOOOOoooooo vague..... :-/

    Stereo systems are TOO opinion driven. Need to know price range you want to stay in, how much space you want to consume. Components, Subs, stock replacements, any of these or all?

    If you are metal / punk driven, I would focus on your stage (front set up). Spend the money on a good component set and nice amp to drive them PROPERLY. If the head unit is a nicer Kenwood (Excelon series are pretty nice) that should be sufficient for "Nothing crazy". You shouldn't have to crank up the volume and the EQ settings and overdrive the sound, that's just how to blow things up. Some NICE component brands that I am FAMILIAR with are Hertz, JL Audio, Diamond, MB Quartz. Focal or Rainbow are another level. Nice, to Skies the limit.

    For subwoofers, again thinking for Metal / Punk, you are going to want SQ over SPL. Sealed box, a slightly higher decibel setting on the amp output to emphasize mid range bass like kick drum, and defined bass guitar sound. Some NICE subwoofer SQ brands I would look for could be Image Dynamics, MB Quartz, JL Audio, Alpine. (I am NOT a fan of brands that are sold in big box stores, but Alpine does a decent job for the money). Personally I like the way 10's sound, but if you REALLY wanted you could do 12's and still have some snap. And within each of those brands, you can get NICE without TOO much hit to the wallet, to Crazy. There are A LOT of subs you can go with, these are just some that I have experience with for SQ. The size of the box is important too, so you need to figure out how much real estate you want to give up. Ported box will be almost double the size of sealed.

    Personally, I have Sundown Audio SA-10's with the Sundown SAX-1200D. I listen primarily to metal / rock, and they are muddy in a ported box, but I got them for loud and obnoxious cruising (lol). They are PHENOMENAL for Rap / Hip Hop. I would recommend them for sure. They sound nice in sealed boxes too, but are made to pound on with a ported box. Oh, and its in a tiny Mitsubishi Eclipse, not my T/A, haha.

    Anyway, I don't know if this post is too old, and you've made up your mind by now, but if not I hope this helps. I am by no means a PRO Car audio guy, just one that's been around the block a few times...... Questions welcome, take care & good luck!

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