New Alpine CDA-9851 head unit is on its way with the steering wheel controls adapter and the optional RCA aux input cables for my Toshiba Gigabeat (screw you Apple and your hipster iPod!).

Amplifier: I want a 4 channel amp to drive the 6.5" speakers that puts out 80-100 rms watts at a 2 ohm load. With's help I've narrowed it to three: Kicker's ZX350.4 ($190), Kenwood's KAC 8402 ($155), and Rockford Fosgate's P4004 ($175). (All prices are eBay prices)

I know next to nothing as far as who makes the best stuff. If there are other options I'm missing that meet my needs and fit in that price range, please let me know.

Speakers: I already have a set of uninstalled 62.7i's that I had purchased to replace the Monsoon door speakers. I'm sick and tired of the Monsoon blowing. I sound deadened the sail panels which made a huge difference until I cranked it up and heard one of the subs go splat. Anyways, the 62.7i's have been set aside to fill the sail panels. So, I need a 2 ohm resistance speaker to fill the doors. I was thinking, for the sake of continuity (even though that really matters zero) and price of using either Infinity 63.7i's ($110) or the Infinity 60.7cs ($160) component system. They're both 2 ohms and rated for about the same power. The component system handles a little more, but not much. If I did the components I'd be mounting the tweeters up on the A-pillars firing across the windshield or somewhere on the door panel.

So, using that headunit, which amp and speaker combo do y'all think would best fit my desired budget (I don't want to spend more than the max prices I've listed) and give me the best sound.

Oh, and one more thing. If an amp requires an 8 gauge power lead, could you use something bigger like a 4 or 6 ga. lead and power a 2nd amp off of it as well, say if I were to add a sub later?