I recently just had an amplifier and subwoofer istalled into my pontiac g6 gt coupe, i have the monsoon 8 speaker sound system and decided not to replace it. So i just had the amplifier and sub hooked up to the stock setup. When i got my car after the install i have noticed that i am not recieving full power to my subwoofer. I have a 250/1 amp from jl and a 12 inch W0 ported subwooder from jl. The guy said he had to use some adapters in order to hook the amp up but it seems to me somethings not right, what could cause me to not have full power with this type of setup. I have the amps settings as high as they can go and i even have to turn up the bass on my deck most of the way just to get a little bass out of this sub. thanks for your help.