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Need help, I...

This is a discussion on Need help, I... within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; ...put a D.V.D. Player in place of my A/C controls. Now it dose't work. At the "butt conector", from the ...

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    Need help, I...

    ...put a D.V.D. Player in place of my A/C controls. Now it dose't work. At the "butt conector", from the after-market wire to the factory wire, at the controls, the "butt-connector" was a bit burnt. Now, I've been a "professional car-audio installer" for 10 years. Inside of these years, I come to learn that, "if you put a small gauge wire when 'extending' the wire and too much current passes through, the fuse or conector melts". Is this the case, someone told me, "that something shorted". Which is true?

    I found the "blower motor", firewall on passenger side. There is a "purple wire" and a "black wire", I'm guessing that the "purple" is 12v. and the "black" one is ground. Is this true?

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    regarding your last line, seems like you should invest in a volt meter after 10 years. Remind me to not go to your shop .. haha A voltmeter will tell you + or - or ground.

    As far as the thin wire... Well, have you ever heard of a fusible link? It works on the same principle as a plain fuse. Current passes through a thick wire, then goes through the fuse on moth legs and break at the thin spot on the fuse(plug type). Same thing applies ina fusible link except there is no plug. Its just a inline thin wire that is designed to only carry so much current. If the current gets to high the thin wire melts or breaks and stops the flow of current. Its used for protection on the circuit. So, if you put a thin wire in your circuit, the wire will melt or break and act like a fusible link.

    I have no idea what your circuit looks like and you did a bad job of explaining your problem. You need some freshman composition classes to improve your writting skills so you can express yourself.

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    Yepp, I would say you managed too burn out a fuse somewhere along the lines. Whatever you tied into. How did you splice them together? Just with a butt connector?
    I wow seriously consider re-wiring everything and takin your time in doing so.
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    You have been a professional installer for "10" years?!.... Um, It's preety much common sense bud...

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