1st off sry it this has bad spellin and grammer or hard to follow

my car is a 1987 iroc camaro 350 5.7 auto trans
ive done seaches and posted on tgo{ thirdgen.org} with no responce so i figured you guys might be able to help me once again but wit ha diff prob

v belt sytem , full 3inch exhust and some small shit for mods
here is the problem. the last yr i went thought 3 bats

1st when i bought my car { 1987 iroc 350 5.7 700r4} all options exept leather seats. got the stupid t-tops too bla

2nd left dome light on over night and next day recharged it and then blew radiator when i fixed that the batt would not charge up

3rd been running on 9v ish for past week only drove it to skool once this week and to work .finally friday was going to skool and it had troble startin and after the final i had it woudnt start back up.

took a jump box to it, started back up and then on way home i had light and radio on. car was pretty much sputtering and dying, i turn my lights and radio off and kiked back on.
tryed to go to worik sat night car did start at all even wit ha jump and charge.

afew moths ago i did full exhust with friends. on way back to home had an elctrical fire{ batt cable was restin on the headers heated it up and fryd it. fixed that weird conection by batt wivh i dno what it goes to but thats for a different thread

so the wires to the batt were replaced only ones damaged. ive been sick the past week so couldnt realy work on my car . im prety sure my alt is dead

now the questions i have are what batt and alt should i get ? ac delco { derect replacement or an optioma batt with like a power master 140 amp alt ??

what would the benifits be of using a combo like this and the downfall??

or should i just go with oem parts?