I am about to upgrade my stereo system on a 98 WS6 with about an $800 budget figured. My plan is to install the following:

-Pioneer/Panasonic HU- approx. $200
-replace speakers in doors and sails - approx. $200
-2x Pioneer 12" subs- approx. $200
-one amp to power subs- approx. $200

I'm leaving out the hatch speakers to make room for the 12's b/c I'm fab'ing boxes on either side in place of those panels. (Not too hot on using my T-top storage- I NEED THAT)

-So, will I be good to fire the subs from the amp, w/ the remaining spkrs powered by the HU?
-Will I notice much excluding those rear speakers?
-Any advise or info for the install or components is greatly appreciated.

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