ok i just sold my Monsoon head unit and amp out of a 99 trans am. a guy off ebay bought it and when you turn the ign on it just says LOC. i called my GM dealership and they told my how to retrieve the code from the radio so you can get the unlock code from GM.they saidhello, i need some numbers from you so i can get you the code for your radio. they said "first step is to turn the ignition to on and the radio should be displaying locked. Now press and hold the #2 and #3 station preset buttons together and 3 #'s should display. (write these down). now you need to press the AM/FM button and the next 3 #'s will display. write these 6 numbers down and then we need to call AcDelco with these to get your code".The GM guy said in some rare cases the first step might be buttons 1 & 3 but he said to try buttons 2 & 3 first. This does absolutely nothing. The radio is not in Inop mode where you have to leave the key on for an hour before you can have 3 more attempts at it. anyone else ever have these problems or can you suggest anything so i can get this thing to work again without having to give him his money back??please help.