Okay, after reading alot of the stickies and other threads on speaker upgrades for the monsoon system I am still not sure what to get.

I have a 1999 trans am with the stock monsoon cd head unit and all of the other audio equipment is stock as well.

Should I get the infinity kappa 62.7i coaxial mids/tweets for the front doors or get the infinity kappa 60.7cs component mids/tweets instead?
Would the components sound better or are the coaxials the best way to go? If coaxials, should I use the infinity tweeter crossover and only use the mid input signal to get power to both or wire the mids to the mids and the tweeter to the 4 ohm deck power signal?

As for the sail panel replacements, would it be better to get the JL 6w0 subs or the Elemental Designs EU 700 7Kv.2 subs?

Any other suggestions?????