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Monsoon amp question....again....[zboner stay out]

This is a discussion on Monsoon amp question....again....[zboner stay out] within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; the two pontiac fronts in one door are receiving the same signal, with hi-pass filters before the tweeters...

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    the two pontiac fronts in one door are receiving the same signal, with hi-pass filters before the tweeters

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    I will say again(lol)--hey that's what I was asking,are the pontiacs different in the wiring.The Camaro's receive 4 wires through the doors -to the speakers,where the tweeter receives a different 2 wires from the woofer in the same speaker.No crossover in the wiring diagram or component views in the factory manual,and nobody else has noted this before.

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    Originally Posted by sk8runeg
    YAY lets all conform and all buy infinty's!!... I hate to break it to ya all, but contrary to what many believe, infinity are not what they used to be... They used to be great speakers, but now they are just commercialized everyday brand. I personally think that Boston Acoustics are the best you can buy for the money most people are willing to spend. I picked up a set of SX65's on eBay for $110 shipped brand new, and they sound 50x better than any comprable infinity's, or even higher priced ones. But do what you want its your system not mine, I just think that no one is willing to try anything else than infinty 62.7's anymore because thats what everyone has...

    On another note...

    Texas nightowl - I'm not sure how the monsoon system works in the camaro's, but in my Trans Am it was components in the doors, and because the monsoon system has its own amplifiers with crossovers in them, the amps send different frequencies to the woofer and the tweeter, so when you replace a door speaker with a 2-way speaker you need to rewire it bypassing the amp if you want the full range of soudn that the speaker will offer.

    It's not about conforming to Infinity and they are not by far the best speaker. They are the ONLY known speaker that is a 2ohm direct replacement for the Camaro if you are keeping the Monsoon amp that sounds good and fits like stock and connects like stock.

    The Camaro and T/A door speakers are simular, woofer is 2ohm crossed over at the Monsoon amp and tweeter runs off the HU at 4ohms and are not crossed over, the tweeter has it's own crossover and is not amplified by the Monsoon amp(the T/A is components, the Camaro has a coaxil that is like a component with tweeter mounted, but still has seperate inputs, not a single one). The whole reason the Infinity IS SO GOOD, is because it has dual inputs(1 set for the woofer and 1 set for the tweeter) it can be used in the Camaro or T/A and are set up identical to stock on the Camaro, with the T/A you would just have to connect the stock tweeter wire to the Tweeter inputs on the speaker.

    I don't think you are understanding the post, the Infinity is for people who want to keep the Monsoon system like it is and only replace the front door speaker. Sounds like you replaced the amp too, which is not relevant to this post
    (please note the controversy in the "what speakers to put in the doors "thread located elsewhere in this section.

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    I've also heard people had good luck with the Alpine sp170 coax..(type-s). That's the one everyone raved about on other sites using in the camaro because they didn't want to cut holes for seperate tweeter for components. I have a set laying around..I'll put them in and see. I currently run Boston Rally ($97.00 on were $359.00)series components pushed by a RF 600.5 and they sound amazing. Prior to that I had Infinity 6012i and have tryed the 6002i..pushed by clarion HU and by the RF amp. Both sounded great...obviously it sounded better through the amp but not by much. Both these Infinity's can be had on ebay for around $60.00 and sound fine. These are also coax. If your budget is more try the CDT coaxs which run about $115.00 shipped. They are VERY nice. Good luck.

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