The MECA World Finals Soundfest took place in Lebanon, Tennessee, not far from Nashville. There were 49 SQL competitors, while on the SPL side there were 70. Mark Eldridge took first place in the Master class on the sound quality side, and also won for best Extreme Install. Gary Summers beat the crowded Modex field, followed by Steve Cook and his Avalanche. Mic Wallace edged Kirk Proffitt in the Extreme class. Eric Alexander scored a 160.6 dB in the Modified 5 class to win in that category. Curt Eigensee hit a whopping 164.2 in RadicalX1. Beau Boren had the highest dB score of the day with an incredible 165.2. For the full results click here. And see the gallery below for the Finals highlights and pics of various vehicle installs.

Also at the Finals, Commissioner Steve Stern presented the 2010 MECA Club Awards. These members were honored based on their sportsmanship and level of participation.

October 2009 Member of the Month - Joe Zelano (Team Elite), South Carolina
November 2009 Member of the Month - DR Kirkland (WSF/Memphis), Tennessee
December 2009 Member of the Month - Daniel Kirkland (WSF/Memphis/Sundown), Tennessee
January 2010 Member of the Month - Joe "Dopey" Alsup, Tennessee
February 2010 Member of the Month - Joshua Newton (Carlisle Acoustics/Sundown/Xstatic), Kentucky
March 2010 Member of the Month - Mike Bayler (Wild Bill's/DIYMA/Zapco), Alabama
April 2010 Member of the Month - Paul Strouth (Team Outcast/Sundown), Virginia
May 2010 Member of the Month - Harlan Owens (Team-Loco/Xstatic/Zapco), Kentucky
June 2010 Member of the Month - Eric Parker (Team Elite), South Carolina
July 2010 Member of the Month - James Speakman (Team Livewire), Ohio
August 2010 Member of the Month - Steve Cook (Audio X/Incriminator/Zapco), Alabama
September 2010 Member of the Month - Robert Hilton (Audison/Hertz/JL Audio), Georgia
October 2010 Member of the Month - Mark Eldridge (Team MSE/JL Audio), Oklahoma

MECAhead of the Year - Carl Burroughs (Team Sound Creations), Oklahoma
Competitor of the Year - Robert Hilton (Audison/Hertz/JL Audio), Georgia
Mike Bayler Sportsmanship Award - Mic Wallace (DIYMA/Image Dynamics), Pennsylvania
Retail Member of the Year - Elite Audio, South Carolina
Promotion of the Year - Choctaw Points Series by Sound Creations, Oklahoma
High School Student of the Year - Peyton Wilson (Groundshakaz), Virginia
SQL Rookie of the Year - Doug Brennaman (Team-Loco/Beyma/Xstatic), Kentucky
SPL Rookie of the Year - James Speakman (Livewire) - Ohio
2010 Distinguished Service Award - Chris Zenner (Team ZME), Pennsylvania
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award - Chris Releford (Team-Loco/Xstatic/Zapco), Kentucky and Corey Mitchell (Carlisle Acoustics/Sundown/Xstatic), Kentucky
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award - Doug Brennaman (Team-Loco/Beyma/Xstatic), Kentucky and Robert Hilton (Audison/Hertz/JL Audio), Georgia
Stinking Loud Award - Eric Alexander (Team Livewire), Ohio
Neighborhood Nuisance Award - Chris Gregory (WSF/Sundown/True Bass), Tennessee
Motormouth Award - Rob Bruns (B Team), Indiana
Survivor Award - Dennis Chapman (DC's Most Wanted), Indiana
Johnny Appleseed Award - Aubrey Carter and Todd Woodworth, California
SPL Judge of the Year - Rick Washabaugh, Kentucky
SQL Judge of the Year - Vinny Taylor, Tennessee
Event Coordinator of the Year - John Vrooman - Virginia
Event Director of the Year - Tony Goza (Sound Creations), Oklahoma
Team of the Year - Wall Street's Finest
Team Participation Award - Wall Street's Finest
Judge Team of the Year - Wall Street's Finest
2010 Loud Spouses - DR & Linda Kirkland (Wall Street's Finest), Tennessee
2010 Loud Spouses - Richard & Teresa Boswell (Team Pulse/Xstatic), Maryland
2010 Loud Spouses - Matt & Kaley Elliott (Team Pulse/Xstatic), Maryland
MECA Spirit Award - Melinda Simon (Team Sound Investment/Memphis), Ohio
SPL Spirit Award - Bud Ballinger (Bangin On A Budget/B Team/dB Revolution/Sundown), Kentucky
Show & Shine Spirit Award - Brian & Selena Rozzo, Tennessee
Drive-by SPL Parade Spirit Award - Jeremy McCord (Carlisle Acoustics), Kentucky
SQL Spirit Award - Steve Cook (Audio X/Incrimator/Zapco), Alabama
Manufacturer of the Year - Arc Audio
Commissioner's Award - Scottie Keirns, Ohio
Best Press Coverage Award - Mike VanHorn,
Pioneer Award - Dave Ritter, Arizona
2010 Venue of the Year - Choctaw Events Center - Durant, Oklahoma
TCB Award - Dave Hale (MadVette/XS Power), Tennessee
12 Volt Industry Award - Zapco
Distributor of the Year - P&E - Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award - John Vrooman, Virginia
MECA Teacher of the Year - Chris Lipp (Team DMTC), Spartanburg, South Carolina
Post Ho - Bud Ballinger (Bangin On A Budget/B Team/dB Revolution/Sundown), Kentucky

Photography by Michael Watson