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Lost Headlight Motor Backplate!

This is a discussion on Lost Headlight Motor Backplate! within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Yup, I lost it! Damnit lol I was working on them to try and do a 180 degree sawp of ...

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    Exclamation Lost Headlight Motor Backplate!

    Yup, I lost it! Damnit lol I was working on them to try and do a 180 degree sawp of the stripped gear (Temp fix.) Then I discovered the Brass ones that never strip, so I ordered them and temporarily put the motor gear housing back together. Well I guess I had a glue joint failure when I was driving around waiting for these gears to come in, because when they finally came, I took off the headlight again and there was no BACKPLATE on the damn motor! I checked all around the plastic underbody protectant, with no such luck. And as with my luck, its plastic, so a magnet stick wouldnt work! lol So I came to the conclusion that.... It fell out somewhere on the road and theres not a damn thing I can do about it.. Moving on to my question:

    Is there any way I can fabricate a backplate for the left headlight? Maybe out of a hard plastic or light metal? I was recommended using an old DVD case(s) and tracing then layering a bunch together with epoxy to form a strong home made plasctic case. Might work...

    Or, Is there any place that I can buy just the backplate, and not the whole motor??

    I bought the kit that comes with the brass gears, epoxy, sum other odds and ends, and a newly fabricated T hinge that bolts to the motor mounts and prevents any glue joint failures...Meaning, any ideas will be taken into consideration as it will be pretty hard for that little gear to pop through plastic and metal.....

    Thanks for your time in checking out this post, and for any help you may provide.. I have been stumped on this situation for like a month now....

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