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A little AC Delco Battery FYI

This is a discussion on A little AC Delco Battery FYI within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Well I'm posting this here more for info than anything else, not a request for help. Most of you have ...

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    Angry A little AC Delco Battery FYI

    Well I'm posting this here more for info than anything else, not a request for help. Most of you have probably heard about this already but for those who have not. . .

    Finally fell victim to the the dreaded AC Delco Battery curse. On way home from work this evening, stopped by grocery store, everything was fine, came out and she was dead

    Long story short, known problem with AC Delco batteries. Positive side-post terminal broke off. Not corroded or anything like that, just broke, damn things are just glued in ! Able to get broken terminal off cable no problem!

    Same type of thing happened to my Moms '98 Daytona edition GTP last year. Original factory battery, 7 years old, finally died and the terminal broke off while he (my dad) was trying to change it out. Unfortunately he had to have the entire positive cable replaced at the dealer. Couldn't get broken terminal off at all. . .neither could the mechanic .

    Anyway, just a little FYI for those of you running AC Delco Batt's.

    WS6 has a new Optima now!

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    I haven't had a post fall off yet, but I did have a leaking Delco battery. Apparently, due to the way they are manufactured, if you bolt on the terminals too tight, the post kind of separates and you have a leak. Fortunately, GM replaced it for me under warranty and my new Delco battery has been fine so far. It's about 3 years and going now...

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    Mine had corroded UNDER the red positive rubber insulator on the cable, and wasn't visible unless you skinned it back!!! I replaced the battery after cleaning the "visible" corrosion, and a month later when driving, all of a sudden the engine would stumble...almost cut off...all the dash lights would flash on and off...the radio would make a loud screech, then go into LOC mode...and all the gauge needles would swing to the right and just vibrate...all this at the SAME TIME for about 5 seconds, then eveything would go back to normal! This would happen at random, and was driving me INSANE because when it wasn't doing it, you couldn't find ANYTHING wrong! It threw NO codes, new batt and alternator checked out okay when tested...couldn't find ANYTHING...until...something told me to "skin back" that red rubber insulator on the POSITIVE batt cable and BAMM!!...corrosion was CAKED and PACKED underneth that thing from the leak from the old Delco!! You would never even see it unless you pulled it back!! After taking it off/apart and cleaning the cable under it really good, the problem disappeared!!

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