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i have the Aux-Pod in my 02 SS. Works fine, just can't use the steering wheel controls on for track selection, have to use the 4 & 6 buttons on the head unit.

officially it works with the tape player head unit with CD changer controls built in -- and not the CD head unit like i have.
LONG overdue update on this... the AUX-POD works, but it DRAINS YOUR BATTERY when your car is off! IT's a non problem, PAC-audio has not fixed as of earlier this year. you can put a switch on the orange wire to flip the power off to not drain your battery... big problem if you only drive your car every few weeks (at the most!) like me.

I put a relay in to turn the power off to the aux-pod when the car is off, but it kills my radio's clock all the time, and doesn't turn the ipod off for some technical reasons... annoying, but my battery doesn't die any more...

i'm looking now at replacing it with the usa-spec model that is supposed to support steering wheel controls, and 'officially' works with my 2002 ss -- assuming it won't drain the battery -- any have experience with this personally?