This '09 Pontiac G8 GXP has basically no mods other than the audio system, but when you have gear and sound like this what else do you need? The frontstage consists of Morel Elate 6 3w 3-way components. The midbass is in the factory door location while the midrange and tweeter are in custom molded pods in the corners of the dash. The rear speakers are the Morel Elate 6 2w's. One set is in the rear doors and another is on the factory rear deck locations.

The front speaker install was difficult in that the shop, Custom Autosound in Florida, had to make it look factory. Since they were using 3-ways up front they took the stock panel that housed the tweeters in the dash and molded it to hold the Morel 3" dome midrange and tweeter. They then painted it back to the factory matte black finish it had originally. The next issue was the rear door speakers. The stock speaker was a single 6" and they were adding the 2-way components. They took the Morel tweeter housing and painted it to match the factory silver speaker rings that trimmed out the factory grilles.

The factory rear deck speakers were actually 8" subwoofers so Custom Autosound removed them and made 3/4" starboard 8" plates to hold the new Morel elate 6" components with the tweeter mounted to the back towards the rear window. In the doors the factory speakers were fairly shallow and had plastic spacers built onto them. In order to mount the Morel 6" midbass drivers they made 1.5" starboard spacers and used the router to make them the same shape as the factory spacers and then mounted the Morel midbass speakers. Bjorn of Custom Autosound used starboard for all the spacers and plates "because MDF swells when it gets wet and doors get moisture inside of them no matter what" as he says. The front speakers are biamplified running off 1 of the Profile 4 Ultra amplifiers, and the rears are run off the other Profile 4 Ultra amplifier and the subs run off the Profile 2 Ultra amplifier. More on the amp install below.

In the trunk they made a five-sided baffle for the pair of 10" Image Dynamics IDQ woofers and mounted it behind the seat. The baffle was then sealed off from the trunk to the cabin so there would be no air leaks, ensuring that the woofer's cone and magnet sides would be completely sealed off. They removed the factory foam from the spare tire well since this car does not come with a spare—the only thing in there was an air pump. They then built an amp rack to fit inside the spare tire well and covered it with brushed alluminum. The amps are mounted under acrylic just underneath the trunk floor.

The two larger 4-channel amps were spaced up and float over the smaller 2-channel amp in the center. Custom Autosound also used the brushed alluminum accent on the trunk side of the subwoofer enclosure to trim out the woofers. The trunk was then retrimmed in factory trunk liner and covers were built for the amps and subs to hide everything and make it look like a stock trunk.

The cabin side of the subwoofer baffle was trimmed in black vinyl to match the factory leather so when you flip down the center armrest you can see the woofer's magnets. The final issue was the radio, the owner did not want to replace the factory radio but knew the value of having a high quality head unit so, as they did with the Solstice they had recently completed, they mounted the Eclipse CD 7200 mkII in the glove box. Even though they put the radio in the glove box the customer still wanted to be able to use the factory radio, so Bjorn tapped the factory radio into the auxillary input on the Eclipse so either radio could be used. Finally they added a 6-disc changer in the trunk and satellite radio to the Eclipse.*

Stinger supplied all the sound damping material as well as the wiring. The install took about a week and cost around $12K. Of course a lot of that is in the expense of the really high-end audio components. Now all the car needs are some performance upgrades to match the level of the audio system. And that's exactly what the owner intends to do. A supercharger the next item on the mod list.