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Help Need Stealth Sub Box

This is a discussion on Help Need Stealth Sub Box within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Hello to everyone i am looking to place sub in the rear hatch area of the car and never know ...

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    Help Need Stealth Sub Box

    Hello to everyone i am looking to place sub in the rear hatch area of the car and never know i would have so many different choices to that i know JL makes a stealth box with a W3 speaker that hit hard and clear but half the price i can by one from MTX with the 4500 sub about 200 watts was told it was good or buy a empty box of the MTX and place the polk audio sub momo mm 2104 or i found another company and this is what they said i should do to have some bass Here is my recommendation on the sub and amp

    Look especially at the specs and the rec. sealed volume. Perfect match for this box.


    i never herd of them so dont know anything about how good they are or how bad they are or what is really worth the money or not the JL box is 550 w/the W3

    the MTX box w/sub is 250
    I can get the empty box and place the polk speaker in there from crutchfield for about 400

    not sure what amp to get yet depends on the set up i was thinking of getting the 500/1 JL audio or if i get the MTX box and sub that will only handle 200 so i guess the 250/1

    any help or ideas i say thanks in advance

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    I have one for sale that was custom made to the exact specs of the sub and sounds great

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    Watch EBAY for a deal on the 10" JL audio stealth sub. I purchased one a month ago for $125 shipped to my door and it sounds great. I also picked up an older Soundstream 500-2 to run it for $130. Watch and be patient for the right deal

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    I went with just the stealth box its self and put a Kick 10" 4ohm DVC w/ a kenwood 600w amp. Mine is kicking harder than the neighboors across the street with 2 12"s and 800w amp.....

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    I went with an empty stealth box and put an Alpine Type X sub and Alpine PDX-1.1000 amp. Both are running at 1000 watts RMS.

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