i've been searching for a headlight control module wiring diagram with no luck.
so maybe someone can help me with my dilemma or offer up a wiring diagram source.
anyway heres the story....
went to work one day noticed my driver headlight didnt go down when i got out,so that evening i checked into it.all wiring seemed ok,ran a jumper to the motor and it worked.so i moved along to the headlight control module,pulled the wires from the plug that controls both left and right motors, swapped the wires from the driver side to the passenger side connection on the plug and plugged it back in, it worked as it should.so at this time of course i'm thinking i just need a headlight control module because one side was out not controlling the driver side.so i picked one up,installed it..... same problem.driver side still not working.

anybody have an idea why this might be?
anybody know where a wiring diagram is?