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GPS systems

This is a discussion on GPS systems within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Ok .. who's got them, do you like them , do they work .. Anything you can tell me about ...

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    GPS systems

    Ok .. who's got them, do you like them , do they work .. Anything you can tell me about them.. Mostly go with the in dash or get a portable ....

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    Thumbs up Got GPS?

    I have a Garmin with USB connection. I'm very pleased with it but I'm no expert by any means. I usually get accuracy readings within 7 feet. One of the features I really like is it also tells you elevation. The detail of the mapping is incredible and you can go from 80 feet up to 3000 miles if I remember correctly. My Palmtop is 1'' thick and about 8 x 10. I hang it with velcro straps from the grill on the dashboard and it covers my monsoon. When I want to change CD's I just lift it up. Easily in eyesight at all times and is much easier on the eyes than those little 3 x 4 jobs. It really rocks at night but in bright daylight it will wash out a little. It has a touch screen so you don't need a mouse and make routes on the fly. It even talks you through the directions.

    Once, on a trip back from Chitown taking my Mother to a family reunion I got pulled over by a HyPo (I was barely over 65). Cop says "Is that a fuzz buster?" and my Mom busts out "No, that's my sons GPS!". LOL I'm so proud of her.

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    Portable is the way to go unless you would only use it in one particular car. They work really well and its nice seeing shortcuts on country roads when interstates get backed up with accidents.

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    Do you have to pay a monthly fee?

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    1998 gps tracking..just buy the thing.

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