Alright, I disconnected my battery today and unplugged and uninstalled all 3 of my amplifiiers. I took them out of my hatch area, and laid down some Dynamat.

I rewire everything the way it was before, and now 2 of my 3 amplifiers won't turn on. I've checked over all the connections mulitiple times, and I don't understand it.

If I have my 4 channel amp grounded, it makes my antenna go up(antenna doesn't normally go up when my ipod is selected). when i unground it, the antenna goes down. If i ground my sub amp, nothing happens. If i ground my 2 channel amp, the amp turns on and the 2 speakers it's powering work. If I ground the 2 channel amp with either of the other amps, it stops working and shuts off. I've checked my wiring multiple times and can't figure out what's causing this. Does anybody out there have any idea?