Her cd player isn't playing CD's anymore stopped working all of a sudden and even sucked in one of her cd's and wont let it go. Would my monsoon from my 01 trans am plug into it? Also the front right speaker doesn't work, I thought it was blown and I had another speaker, but I hooked it up and nothing, there is a little square box that looks like a crossover in there that looks burnt out that has 4 wires going into it, and from there the red and black wire come out but no juice. Is that an amp? How can I bypass it? Do I have to run new wires to the speaker by itself? Anyone got a wiring diagram so I can run new wires to that speaker? THanks!

Cliff Notes
Can I plug my 01 trans am monsoon cd player into her 95 bose cd player
What is that little box in her driver side door, amp? How to bypass it?