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G-Tech HP/TQ Readings off?

This is a discussion on G-Tech HP/TQ Readings off? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Okay, I have a car that dyno'd on a REAL dyno machine @ 347 rwhp... The gtech says I have ...

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    1998 Camaro Z28

    G-Tech HP/TQ Readings off?

    Okay, I have a car that dyno'd on a REAL dyno machine @ 347 rwhp...

    The gtech says I have 244hp

    WTF? Off by 103 hp? I understand that it measures NET horsepower (The hp after environmental effects such as weight, wind resistance, etc)

    Is my car F'd up or is the G-tech F'd up?

    244 horsepower is disgusting for my mods

    98 Z28
    Comp Cam 224-581
    MAF descreened
    TB port
    Intake Manifold port
    3400 stall
    Mid length Headers
    true duals with H pipe and 80 series magna's
    Carbon Lid
    All free mods
    MSD Wires
    Max Energy Hypertech Tune
    C6 rims F1 tires in good condition

    92k miles

    That beast should do wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than 244 horsepower... Common g-tech!

    On a more serious note, I beat a 2007 CL63AMG to 60 mph from stand still with no feathering just traction control and pedal to the metal.... I know I have more horse than 244, b/c the 0-60 on the CL is 4.6 seconds, I run about 4.2 (which seems right by about how far I was ahead of the CL, his headlights at my rear tire)according to web 0-60 calcs based on hp and weight, but g-tech says I only run 5.4! WTF this thing is crap.

    Anyone else experience the G-tech horsepower joke?

    Bone stock these cars register 305? WTF I'm over 60 hp less than stock? Do I have a blown motor? LOL I doubt a blown motor would run like that with a CL63, AMG NONE THE LESS... 100k sports car my 8k sports car beat to 60

    I'm a little upset b/c I was expecting the meter to read out around 350 hp b/c I've added some mods such as a clean filter and the Max Energy tune since the 347rwhp dyno, now it says I have 244... WTF I should be around 357 b/c max energy adds 10rwhp on a stock motor... It should ad a little more to mine b/c it can breath like a monster
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    1998 Camaro Z28

    Okay, I'm a giant doosh.. i could just edit the top post, but I think it would be best if I left it and explained why the thing read what it read...

    I had the vehicle weight set for 3400 lbs, but the car weights 4244 w/o my fat ass so add 190 lbs to that and you get 4434, and that explains why it read so low.

    Maybe. I have to do another run. I would guess that increasing the weight will make my HP read higher? I would think it would higher, b/c it takes more HP/tq to move a heavier vehicle the same amount of g's....

    a 100 hp for a thousand pound difference? Probably. We'll see!

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    maybe 10lbs to 1 horsepower is a general rule of thumb

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    I just got a gtech pro RR and did a horsepower run with my car. It said 307 hp and 406 ft lb of torque. The power sounds ok since Im basicly stock but that torque sounds kinda high.

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