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Fourth Gen Sail Panel Speaker Replacement(02 WS6 Model used)

This is a discussion on Fourth Gen Sail Panel Speaker Replacement(02 WS6 Model used) within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; My wife told me she was having an issue with a rear speaker in her 02 T/A WS6 (Monsoon System) ...

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    Fourth Gen Sail Panel Speaker Replacement(02 WS6 Model used)

    My wife told me she was having an issue with a rear speaker in her 02 T/A WS6 (Monsoon System) coming from the rear, she thought the one in the hatch area was the problem. So I went out and gave it a listen, and discovered the Sail Panel speaker was the issue. After a brief search here I discovered there were some options for replacements, a whole system replacement from Key and also a Factory replacement found at Ebay I went with the Ebay factory replacement. Now after reading several posts throughout the forums there seems to be some confusion on this speakers Ohms, a lot of post suggested they were 2 Ohm but they are not they are 4 Ohm speakers. After receiving my Factory replacement I began trying to make the swap, thinking that the whole side panel had to be removed until I found info here saying that the speaker cover itself was all that had to be removed. Also post contained "watch out for the clips" warnings as to falling off the hole and into a void inside the speaker hole but no real discussion on how to handle this.

    1. Remove the factory speaker grille from the Sail Panel.
    2. Remove (4) screws holding factory speaker in place, 7 MM socket (02 T/A Monsoon)
    3. Slightly tilt speaker out of hole from the top, using masking tape locate and apply tape to the top two clips that hold the speaker screws. What happens is that when your try to remove the speaker out
    of the mounting hole the magnet will pull on the top 2 clips causing them to fall of the sheet metal and down into the inside area. The bottom 2 clips are not an issue.
    4. Disconnect speaker wire connector from factory harness and remove speaker, note the cardboard piece orientation when you remove the speaker.
    5. Before installing tspeakerspaeker carefully remove the tape over the 2 top clips and realign the clips to match the holes in the sheet metal, apply tapoverck ovet the clips to hold them for install.
    6. Connect new speaker wire to harnposition postion speaker intpositionedostioned as factory one was when removed.
    7. Start the (4) screws to hold the speaker in place, Starting with the top two will make sure the clips are in the correct place in neede you ned to make any adjustments you aren't all in with screws.
    8. Leaving tape in place allows you to not have to worry about the clips should you go in again for upgrades or other issues, Install speaker grille, test and your done. About 30 Min. total

    Factory Speaker:

    Replacement Speaker:

    The factory replacement was about $55 dollars from Ebay Chevy Dealer, if you have an account at your local dealer he may be able to do you better.

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    my rears were rattling on those deep notes........found out the surround was fried.......replaced them with BAZOOKA dvc ............the magnet was twice as big as the stocker and best of the pair for 90$........i am rocking out now !!!

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    The Camaros have the 2 ohm speakers, and the Firebirds have the 4 ohm.
    I'll never buy factory replacement speakers again; especially since the Kee packages are so affordable. I went through six factory sail panel subwoofers in my car. I had two replaced under warranty and I replaced those with the upgraded factory speakers. This last time I replaced all my speakers with the Kee Audio Upgraded Standard Package.

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    I've did the "used" thing a couple of times. My 3rd set of sails just blew this year. Time to get a better speaker in there....those factory speakers are junk.

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    Just installed my back seat speakers from Kee Audio today.Much better speakers than the originals.So glad I found this site.So much help and good information to be had.

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    Well the P.O. must have never turned the radio up. Ive blown one at a time in a short period of time. Gets old chasing the rattling speakers lol
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    This was a great and timely post. It describes the same problem I'm having and now I should be able to fix it easily.


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