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Electrical/Wiring Problem

This is a discussion on Electrical/Wiring Problem within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Starting about a year ago my headlights and turn signals have been burning out at an alarming rate (every 2 ...

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    Electrical/Wiring Problem

    Starting about a year ago my headlights and turn signals have been burning out at an alarming rate (every 2 to 3 months, progressively worse). Yesterday as I am going down the highway my check engine light started flashing on and off for about 10 seconds and went off completely. Since then, my dashboard lights will fade from off to lit up while the headlights are off. When I turn my headlights on, the left turn signal will light solid on the dash and most funniest of all my clock on my monsoon stereo blinks as if it's my turn signal when I signal to turn left. I'm guessing that perhaps somewhere in the interior side of the car I might have several wires with copper touching. Has anyone had this or similar problems that could possibly point me in the direction of what might be wrong and where I should look? I am guessing that there is a correlation with my headlights / signal lights not lasting very long and my most recent problems.

    Also, if this is not the appropriate forum I apologize in advance.

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    Lol, Well your on the right track, your best bet is to find a Wiring Schematic, you know it has something to do with the Circuit the headlights and interrior lights are on. I would say you have a short or ground of some sort, somewhere. Its time to start chasing wires....
    Ill try to dig a diagram up in a bit...
    A good multimeter should do the trick.
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    How is your battery and alternator? How are the connections on the battery?

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    You've got a ground fault somewhwere- possibly even try the headlight switch. I had a similar issue with a 1971 Chevelle- flipped on the turn signal and the bright lights would flash. I ended up rewiring that car because it was easier than trying to chase down all the bad wiring! BTW- does it have an alarm? Has the wiring ever been spliced?

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