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Electrical problems with motorcycle, anyone sugges

This is a discussion on Electrical problems with motorcycle, anyone sugges within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; I have a 1996 BMW R850R motorcycle, and for some reason the headlight stopped working. Though it was the bulb, ...

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    Electrical problems with motorcycle, anyone sugges

    I have a 1996 BMW R850R motorcycle, and for some reason the headlight stopped working. Though it was the bulb, but its not, bought 3 new ones, tehy all do the same thing.

    The light is supposed to be on all the time obviously, and there is a switch to turn on the high beams, and a flasher which just turns on the highbeams when u press the button.

    whats happening, is that i have no running light, when you press the highbeam button it still doesnt come on, BUT if you hit the flasher the highbeam comes on... so taht means at night i have to hold down the freakin flasher for a light! not cool, plus i could in theory get a ticket for drivin even in the daytime without the front like working i believe, if not ill atleast fail inspection comming up.

    i checked every fuse, swapped them around, and did the same for the relays. everything seems to be working fine. checked the wiring behind where the bulb connects, its clean and intact, its a tight fit so i highly doubt theres a weak contact.

    any ideas? the onyl shop around here is a harley place and they told me they wont even look at a german bike, and the only other place is a yamaha dealer and a place like an hour south, both places want an appointment and they are a week and a half out right now...

    anyone take a crack at what else might be wrong before i spend rediculous amount of money what i bet is a simple ass repair?

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    check the grounds. check the wiring around the ignition switch too. do you have a test light? You may have to trace the wires back. There might even be a junction block somewhere that all the accesory power comes from.

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