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This is a discussion on Bazooka?? within the Stereo and Electronics forums, part of the General Help category; Has anyone ever had a Bazooka for their sub. I am trying to conserve space and I am looking for ...

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    Has anyone ever had a Bazooka for their sub. I am trying to conserve space and I am looking for someting small for a sub box. Do Bazooka's sound good or should I go with a regular sub. I am looking at JL Audio for all my speakers and I thought about going with a stealthbox for my sub, but I am just looking at other options. Thanks.

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    Bazooka tubes are ok but they will not give you what a 10 or 12 will in a box.. they are also bigger than maybe what you think. I had a dual 8 inch bazooka in my 86 IROC and it stretched the entire width of the car .. the bigger the speaker the bigger the cannon it uses..

    JL's are awesome .. I wouldnt buy anything other than a W6 or W7 .. the store will know what youre talking about if you askem .. but they are extremely over priced...

    For small airspace .. unbelievable sound .. and clarity as well as pounding ass bass.. get a 10 or 12 inch Kicker Solobaric.. there square .. for the 12 the smallest sealed airspace you can use is .88 cubic ft.. tiiiiiny box awesome sound .. check out this site ..
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    I have a 8" amplified bazooka in my CRX it sounds really good but dont expect to be booming down the street.

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    if you're looking to conserve space; make use of the little space you have. Get a stealth sub box from for the little nook in the rear t-top area. It holds any 10" sub and does a damn good job of delivering power w/out comprimising t-top space.

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    He's right. I have a 10 in one of the enclosures and it work's great. Doesn't take up as much room in the car either, and all in all isn't more expensive than a Bazooka. I've had a Bazooka in something else, and quite frankly it sucked (My standards may be a bit high in this area).

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