I have a 3.4L v6 I'm swapping into a chevy truck. It's from a 95 camaro, pretty sure it's a manual. I've managed to idnetify all the wires except for three connectors. Anyone with a v6 4th gen could probably identify these.
Here they are and thanks:

2-wire connector near driver's side exhaust manifold. It has a Green wire w/ wht stripe and another wire that is either brown or tan. It comes out of the harness at the exact place the o2 wire does, driver's side.

10-pin connector with 8 wires coming out of it. It's within 1.5 ft of the pcm. It comes out of the wiring harness at the smae place a 3 wire A/C connector does. I think the A/C connector is for the pressure relief sensor. Below is a list if the wires coming out of it

2 Large Pink wires
1 Small Pink wire
1 Large Green wire
1 Small green wire
1 Small Green wire w/ wht stripe
1 Small Brown wire?
1 Small Tan wire?

2-wire connector somewhere near the trans. Has a Large Light Green wire and a Large Brown wire. Shares the part of the harness that has the VSS. The connector itself is tan I think.

Any info you got is appreciated.