I'm mainly wondering if anyone has seen this problem .....

About a month ago, I swapped out my 1F cap for a 2.3F and when installing it, I figured that the cap's circuitry would allow it to charge slowly. I should have bench charged it first. When I connected the new cap, it blew the 40A fuse (+ side power wire to amp.) I bench charged the cap, installed it and went on about life. My battery was dead within a few days. I swapped out a couple of more batteries out of my other cars over the next several weeks. I figured it was some parasitic current draw going on ... so I checked it out yesterday to find that with the TA not running, I was drawing 720mA!! One major clue was that I could hear the antenna motor running briefly when re-installing the fuse after my current measurement. With the key still off, I lifted up my sub box to find the amp fully powered up!

Back when I had the Monsoon head unit, I used the signal that powers the antenna to also power the amp's remote IN. I'm guessing that the amp's internal circuitry has a short from the +12 to the +12v remote IN. The amp is a boss audio 170w x4 (rms).

Mainly just wondering if anyone has seen their amp causing excessive parasitic current draw when car is off.